How to search for a person on Facebook through photos

How to find a person in Facebook through photos

You found a photo of an old acquaintance, of a person whose name you don't remember well, and you would like to use that image to track their profile. Facebook and contact her.It is not a simple thing, this should be said immediately, but reading this guide on how to find a person on Facebook by photo And with a dash of good luck you can certainly succeed.

However, before giving you all the explanations of the case on how to proceed, it seems necessary to make a clarification. Currently, Facebook does not yet include functions that allow users to search through photos. However, it is possible to compensate this, at least in part, by resorting to third-party services.

Having clarified this, I would therefore say not to waste any more precious time. So take about five minutes of free time and discover with me how to find a person on Facebook through photos. Thanks to the tools I'm about to recommend, they're all free and extremely easy to use, even for those who don't exactly consider themselves a great expert on new technologies. Then let's get started?

Online services

Google images

If you are looking for a solution regarding how to search for a person on Facebook by photo, I can first recommend you to try it with Images Google, you can count on an excellent reverse lookup system. This means that you can use the service to upload a photo from your PC (or even from your mobile phone or tablet) or select it from Internet and find similar images on the Web. Unfortunately, this is not a foolproof system, far from it. But with a little luck, you may still be able to find the person you're looking for on Facebook.

To do a reverse search with Google Images, connect to the home page of the service using the link I provided a while ago and click on the camera located in the bar located in the center of the screen. Then select the item Upload an image of the box that appears and click thebutton. Browse / Choose File to select from your PC the photo of the person to search on Facebook.

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Alternatively, you can search for a person on Facebook by photo via Google images, also by providing the link to an image found on the internet. To do this, click on the item Catch URL of image Google, paste the address of the image to use for the search and click on the button Search by image. If you do not know how to take the address of an image on the Internet, then right-click on it and select the item for copying the address of the image in the menu that opens.

Now, regardless of whether you have uploaded the photo from your computer or if you have found the link to it from the Web, wait a few moments for the chosen image to load and for Google to show you all the similar photos. to which you uploaded more than links to web pages that contain an exact copy of it. If you are lucky, you will be able to immediately locate the photo associated with the social network account of the person you are looking for and that you can easily recognize from the address. placed under its title. Click on it and you will be immediately redirected to the Facebook profile of the user in question. Simple, isn't it?


If you want to try searching for a person on Facebook via photos and Google Images did not lead you to the desired results, you can try resorting to using TinEye. This is an online service that allows you to find images similar to those uploaded to it. It is definitely worth a try.

To search for a person on Facebook through photos, you must first connect to the main page of the service through the link I provided. Then click on the arrow icon located next to the search bar. Then select the image you want to use for the search, wait a few moments for the upload to complete, and you will be shown all the web pages that contain images similar to the one you uploaded.

Hopefully scrolling through the various results displayed should be able to steal more information about the person in the shot and locate them on Facebook. You can easily recognize the Facebook photo of the person you are looking for as it is marked with the address

Eventually, you can search for a person on Facebook through photos, even using images already present online. To do this, just paste your address in the field Upload or enter image URL and click on the icon magnifying glass which is on the right.

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If you are interested, TinEye is also available as an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, internet browser es Opera. By installing the plugin, you can search for a person on Facebook through photos simply by right-clicking on the image of your interest present online and selecting the appropriate item in the menu that opens. Convenient, don't you think?

Application for mobile phones and tablets

Image search by QiXingchen (Android)

You are using a mobile phone or tablet Android and are you looking for a tool that allows you to search for a person on Facebook through photos? Then you can try Image search by QiXingchen. It is a free application for the mobile platform of the tino verde robot that offers a simplified interface for searching for images on Google and, consequently, can be very useful for the purpose in question.

Its operation is extremely intuitive. All you need to do after downloading the app on your device and launching it is to press the icon. cloud located at the bottom right, select the photo to use for the search and wait for the Google page with the results. Next, review the search results that are proposed to you and then tap on the one that you think is most relevant. You can easily recognize the images associated with Facebook profiles because they are marked with a link to

Also note the presence of the function Custom search engines, through which you can add custom search engines to the application.

Veracity (iPhone / iPad)

If you are using a iPhone or iPad, you can search for a person on Facebook by photo using veracity. This is a free app that allows you to reverse image search using scroll iOS, Dropbox, or the system clipboard.

To search for a person on Facebook through a photo with Veracity, download the application on your device, launch it and press the icon Camera roll. Then turn on access to the iOS Photo Library, choose the image you want to use for the search, and wait for the upload to finish.

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Once this is done, a screen will open with the image you just selected and, at the bottom, the list of web pages that contain similar images. If you are lucky, you can also find Facebook among the various websites listed.



Have you exchanged some emails with a certain user, have you seen the photo associated with their account and now you would like to understand how to search for it on Facebook from these elements? No problem. In that case, you can resort to using rapporitve. Have you never heard of him? This is a great free extension for Chrome es Firefox that is integrated into gmail and that allows you to discover the Facebook profile (but also that of other social media) associated with a specific email address.

In order to use it, all you have to do is connect to the extension's website through one of the two Web browsers compatible, click the button Add sympathy to Gmail attached to the page shown to you and click on the link displayed on the screen to connect to the reference extension store. Then press the button to start installing the extension and wait a few moments for the procedure to complete.

Next, open Gmail always acting from one of the two web browsers supported by rapporitve and start composing a new email. At this point, type the email address of the person to search for in the field A: and wait for all the contact information to appear in the right sidebar. If all goes well, Rapportive will find the Facebook social profile and other social networks associated with the photo related to the entered email contact.

Various resources

Weren't the solutions to finding a person on Facebook through photos that I suggested you use? In that case, I suggest you don't throw in the towel just yet and try to take a look at my guide on how to investigate a person on the Internet and my tutorial on how to throw a gun at a person through which I have proceeded to point you other interesting tools which may be suitable for this purpose if in addition to one or more photos you also have other details related to the person you intend to find on the famous social network.

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