How to dodge in Hogwarst legacy?

How to dodge in Hogwarst legacy?. It is essential that Hogwarts Legacy players learn to dodge from the start, since they will face attacks that cannot be countered with the spell Protego. Although the player has the knowledge of Protego, a protection spell, the roll dodge move is another effective technique to avoid damage from attacks.

In situations where enemies are making such powerful attacks that Protego is insufficient, it is crucial to use the Rolling dodge technique to avoid taking damage. While this move may be reminiscent of challenging games like Dark Souls or bullet hell-style titles like Enter the Gungeon, it's essential in Hogwarts Legacy.

From the beginning of the game, the player will have this ability at his disposal, which he must use constantly throughout the adventure.

How to dodge enemy attacks in Hogwarts Legacy?

It is essential to note that although the control to dodge by rolling varies in each game system, this ability has the same importance in all of them.

On PS5, the player must press the circle to dodge, while on Xbox you will have to press B and on PC, CTRL. The direction of the dodge move can be altered via the analog stick or by using the WASD keys on PC."While the controls for Hogwarts Legacy on Switch have yet to be revealed, it's likely that the key to dodge roll is A."

How to get the most out of it

In Hogwarts Legacy, whenever the player is targeted by an attack, a ring on the head of your character.

  • The yellow rings indicate attacks that can be blocked with Protego.
  • Los red rings they indicate that the attack is unblockable and therefore must be dodged.
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During the execution of the dodge Roll, the player becomes invulnerable, which is very useful in cornered situations or to avoid attacks like the clubbed by a troll

Once players progress far enough through the Hogwarts Legacy story, they will be able to unlock Talent Points, some of which will improve the effectiveness of the dodge move.

El Tier 5 Main Talent, LLAMADA Swift, allows players to hold down the button on the dodge roll to teleport a short distance, increasing the range and invulnerability time of this ability.

When players reach level 16, they have the option of acquire the core talent of Evasion Absorption, which allows successfully dodging unblockable attacks, the Ancient Magic meter fill up