How to know who writes in Tellonym

How to know who writes in Tellonym You registered in Tellonym, a platform that allows users to receive anonymous questions from other people and some of the questions they asked you were decidedly inappropriate in tone, leading you to want to know who was behind them.

In the following paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain how to discover anonymous in Tellonym. Given the nature of the service, I want to tell you right away that being successful will not be an easy task; in fact, to be honest, it is not possible to exactly trace the identity of the person asking the questions through this service (since one of its main features is the total anonymity guaranteed to users).

How to know who writes in Tellonym step by step

Basic Information

Before explaining how to discover the anonymous in Tellonym, I find it appropriate to provide you with some previous information about the procedure in question, so you know exactly how to move.

Since, as I already told you in the introduction of the article, Tellonym  is a social network that allows you to answer questions that are asked anonymously by other people, it is not technically possible to know exactly who is asking them.

However, trying to use a little cunning and appeal to your "sixth sense", you could at least try to analyze the questions that are being asked to try to understand if any of your acquaintances are hiding behind them.

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Perhaps you can even give misleading answers to try to feed the number of questions asked by the same user and thus have more "material" to analyze.

I know, maybe you thought there was a more immediate and secure way to identify the anonymous in Tellonym, but the reality of the facts is what I just presented: do not believe those who tell you otherwise.

How to know who writes in Tellonym from the phone

See love how to find who writes in Tellonym from the phone. As mentioned, these are not definitive or 100% true solutions. In any case, try to put them into practice and see if with the measures listed below you can achieve your goal.

Analyze the questions asked

Analyze the questions asked, like I said before, it's really the only thing you can do concretely to really try to understand who the person who asked you is. Doing so requires some skill and, above all, assumes that you know the user who questioned you about Tellonym well.

Therefore, try to examine each expression of the question that was asked. For example, in the questions are there expressions typical of an area What do you frequent or where do you live? Do the questions contain references or allusions to someone, seating o situations that a relatively small number of people know?

Collecting these "clues" could help you narrow down your search considerably. Of course, in this way you will not be able to identify exactly the identity of the person who asked you the questions but, at least, you will be able to begin to get an idea of ​​who could have asked them: for example a friend of yours, a classmate, a neighbor from home, your own family member and so on.

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Give misleading answers

Give misleading answers it may be another clever "move" to try to find out who is behind the questions being asked about Tellonym. For what reason? Simple: being as vague as possible, you can feed the number of questions that the user you are "investigating" asks you and thus have more information to analyze in the messages that are sent to you, which could be useful to be able to identify it.

It must be said that this does not necessarily happen: the person, in fact, may even stop asking you new questions. This, however, could be another track to collect. Perhaps the person could "freak out" thinking that you have discovered it and this could suggest that a user who knows and frequents in the real life is asking the questions.

Do not use applications and services to discover anonymous information on Tellonym

I conclude this guide by giving you a suggestion that could literally save your privacy (and more): Do not use applications and anonymous discovery services on Tellonym.

There are solutions, in fact, that promise to discover the anonymous in Tellonym when registering and / or when paying a certain amount of money, which usually consists of a few euros.

Why should you stay away from such solutions? First, these are apps and services that don't really work. To convince you of their credibility, many of these apps and services might boast positive ghost reviews that, as you may well imagine, are absolutely bogus.

In addition to not being functional, in addition, these solutions pose a serious danger to the privacy and security of the person: since they work when registering, they ask you to provide your personal data and (since many of these are paid) even those of your credit / debit card.

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By using them, therefore, you could suffer not only theft of personal data, but also of money. The ones I've just listed are certainly excellent reasons to steer clear of such solutions.

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