How to disable read receipt in GetMailbird?

How to disable read receipt in GetMailbird? A question that is of interest to many users, especially if they work in a company, so it should be noted that, in the extended update carried out in June 2021, Getmailbird has developed an interesting function regarding emails.

Although shipment tracking is important and without additional plugins a hidden URL is sent in the mail and this depends on the program that the recipient uses, he receives a message that he would like to upload content to the indicated URL, in case he refuses to upload the content external, this will not receive read receipt, when you accept it, two green marks in the email history confirm that it has been read and the time it was read can be verified.

Now, we will indicate in this post the steps to answer the question formulated and which are highlighted below:

Steps to follow

  • First of all you must select the account you will choose to fulfill the required function.
  • Then you will access the options, usually in a menu that is displayed on the lateral side.
  • You must mark where something like “Never send a read receipt."
  • For its part, in the new window you must click on the mail and in the “Follow-up” part or some option that you mark “Never send a read receipt” then you must accept the changes and that's it.
  • In case you want to activate it for some emails, you can alternately choose the option of always ask if you want to send a reading notification, so that if we receive an email with confirmation, ask if we really want to do it.
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Why should you disable read receipts?

Mainly for security reasons, because mail servers generally allow us the option of automatically sending a read confirmation for the messages we have received, that is, if a user sends an email with confirmation automatically notification will be sent to you that it has been delivered and of course that it has been read.

It seems like a good thing at first glance, but it is not like that because all mail that arrives in our inbox including spammers, fraud attempts among others, will be answered automatically and then our security is really compromised.

Additional Information

An additional and no less important fact, but the read confirmation is a feature that can sometimes be useful, more if you want to know when a user has opened and read email messages, being able to add a request that is displayed as a “read receipt” to personal email messages or choose to automatically add all outgoing email messages.

Now another user was able to enable the “Read Receipts” option automatically for all sent emails and if it doesn't then it's because he doesn't need that feature then in the options menu of the same program it can be deactivated.

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