How to delete the FUT Champions squad in EA Sports FC 24?

Keep your equipment up to date FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) It is key to success. EA Sports FC 24 has reintroduced a crucial feature that allows players to better manage their squads: the ability to remove them. This feature, absent in FIFA 23, is essential to personalize your gaming experience. Here's how you can delete FUT Champions squads in EA Sports FC 24.

Steps to Delete the Template

1. Access 'My Squads' in FUT

The first step is to enter FIFA Ultimate Team mode and navigate to the section 'My Templates'. This option allows you to see all the templates you have created. To further improve your FUT Champions experience, don't miss our tips on how to complete FUT Champions challenges.

2. Multiple Template Requirement

To be able to delete a template, you must have more than one. If you only have one template in your account, the system will not allow you to delete it. This requirement ensures that you always have at least one template available to play.

3. Use the Appropriate Delete Button

You will find a button to delete the template you want to discard. It is important to remember that this button varies depending on the device you are using:

  • On PlayStation: Generally, the button is used triangle.
  • An Xbox: The key is used Y.
  • On PC: It will depend on your keyboard configuration, but it will be clearly visible. If you're interested in further customizing your experience, learn how to change uniforms in FUT Champions in EA Sports FC 24.

Additional considerations

  • Backup Data: Before deleting any template, make sure you really want to delete it. Once deleted, you will not be able to recover it. Additionally, consider how to change team name in FUT Champions for complete customization.
  • Strategic management: Use this function to improve your team management, eliminating templates that you no longer use or that do not fit your current game strategy. And for an even more refined gaming experience, don't forget to check out how activate assisted stopping aids in EA Sports FC 24.
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