How to Create a TRAINING PLAN in career mode in EA Sports FC 24?

In the world of soccer video games, EA Sports FC 24 has stood out for its ability to offer a realistic and personalized experience. One of the most innovative features of this version is the ability to create personalized training plans for each player in career mode. This article breaks down the process, step by step, to help you maximize the potential of your workforce.

How to Create a TRAINING PLAN in career mode in FIFA 24?

Step 1: Access the Training Plan Menu

The first step is to access the training plan menu in career mode. This menu is the central point for managing and customizing the training regimens of each player on your team. Here you will find a list of all the players available in your squad. For a complete guide to the game, feel free to consult the EA Sports FC 24 Guide.

Step 2: Player Selection and Training Types

Once inside the menu, you can select any player on your team. When selecting a player like Pedri, you will be faced with several training options. The types of training vary from “Balanced”, which maintains physical fitness while improving the player's agility and skills, to options such as “Focused on Energy”. To further optimize your template, you might consider create the best quarry in career mode.

Step 3: Personalization according to Characteristics and Positions

It is crucial to consider the unique characteristics and position of each player when choosing your training plan. For example, for a goalkeeper, you might look for specific advice on how to raise a goalkeeper's average in career mode. Customization is key; For Pedri, a “Balanced” plan could be most suitable, while for players like Balde or Cancelo, a focus on “Energy” could be more beneficial.

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Step 4: Application and Settings

Once you have selected the training plan for each player, you can apply it directly. EA Sports FC 24 offers the flexibility to adjust and readjust plans based on each player's needs and team circumstances. Also, if you're looking to specifically improve your attacking midfielders, check out how raise the average of an OLS in career mode.

Creating a personalized training plan in EA Sports FC 24 is a powerful tool for players looking for a deeper and more detailed management experience. By carefully selecting the type of training for each player, taking into account their unique abilities and role on the team, you can maximize your development and performance. With this guide, you're one step closer to taking your team to the top in the exciting world of EA Sports FC 24. Let the game begin! And for more tips on how to get better at the game, don't forget to check out the EA Sports FC 24 Guide.

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