How to create a server in Minecraft with Aternos? Step by Step

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Minecraft servers are usually a great source of entertainment for the most active gamers. However, they can also be the best option to have some fun with friends. In any case, these are an excellent option to enjoy the block game. They have the advantage that, even if you are not playing, your progress advances and is saved automatically. Today we are going to see how to create your own Server.

Minecraft is a construction and adventure video game that almost everyone knows. At first glance, it seems like a very simple title, but the more hours you play, the more you realize how complex it can be. The limit for its construction system is your imagination, here you can build whatever you want. Today, we will see how to create a server in Minecraft in a simple way.

Something you should know about this type of servers is that They tend to go better if few people play. It is recommended to use it with your friends. If you plan to use it open to the public, or with a large number of people, game performance is usually worse.

You can create your own server in many ways, many of them are paid, however, there are other completely free options. On the page of You can get your own server quickly and for free.

You just have to follow the following three sections so you can get your own free Minecraft server.

Register at Aternos

  1. To create a server in Minecraft, the first thing you need to do is enter the page. This is a website in charge of creating this type of servers. Once inside the main page, you just have to go down a little and you will find a section that says Get yours now.
  2. If you click here, the page will send you to the window Login. Once inside this window, you must click on the button Sign Up, in order to create your own Aternos account. On this website you need to be registered to get your own server. Don't worry about payments or transactions, since it is completely free.
  3. The registration process is relatively simple, and only consists of two steps. The first step is choose your username. Then you just have to accept the two options below. You should keep in mind that this page has more than 40 million users, so you may have a hard time finding a name.
  4. After you have done everything, press the button Next, which is located in the lower right corner of the window.
  5. The next step is to think of a password to set for your account. Please note that the password is secure, as well as simple, so you can remember it when you log in. The page itself gives you the possibility of registering an email address in case you forget your password. Unlike other online services, you don't have to attach an email if you don't want to.
  6. When you have chosen the password, write it again in the next box, and press the button Sign Up.
  7. Surely, at this point, the website will test you with some puzzle, as a protocol to know if you are not a robot. Unless you are one, the puzzle will be simple for you. When you complete it, click on Sign Up.

Create your own server and activate it

Aternos create minecraft server

  1. Once you have completed the website registration process, it is your turn create your server. The page will take you to the control center screen, you will see this same screen every time you log in. Here you can manage your servers, but since you haven't created any yet, you just have to press the button Create a server.
  2. By clicking here, you will go straight to the server configuration screen. In this, you will find a name and a random description created from your username. If you wish, you can change the server name manually or leave it as is. You also have the possibility to change it later, whenever you want.
  3. In this same section, you will have the possibility of choose the version of Minecraft you want to use for the server. Under the name and description you will find two options, you can choose the version of Classic Java, or choose the Bedrock version.
  4. The Bedrock version is the one that uses the Windows 10, which you get in the app stores, and also the one that uses the mobile versions. Choose carefully the version of Minecraft that you have on your PC and then click the button Create to continue.
  5. This way, the server will be created and ready to use. From here on, every time you log in, you will be able to see it on the control screen. In order to use it, you will have to click on it.
  6. Now you just have to accept Mojang's EULA, that is, the Software license. And then, you must allow activating your browser notifications to know when your server is active. This process usually takes a few minutes. After waiting a while, Your server will come online and you must write down the server data so you can enter from the game.

Access your server

Minecraft location command

  1. All that remains is for you connect to your server from the game. The process to do this is easy and may vary depending on the version of Minecraft you currently have installed. Whatever it is, you should look for the option add a new external server.
  2. When you press the button, the game will send you to a screen where you must enter your server data This data varies depending on the type of server you have created. If you have any questions, you can search for the previous steps.
  3. If you have followed the entire guide up to this point, you will only have to add the name of your server, its IP address and port.
  4. When you have filled everything in, simply Press the Save button in Minecraft, so that you don't have to enter the data again.
  5. And so! you will be playing Minecraft on your new server. Note that, if Aternos detects an inactive server, the page will automatically deactivate it and you will have to return to the website to activate it.

And that was all, let me know in the comments what you thought of this simple way to get your own server in Minecraft.

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