How to create a Room in Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a live audio app which allows users to create and join rooms to talk about any topic. Conversations are ephemeral, so they are not preserved. Users can create their own clubs to organize their rooms.

In this article we will explain how to create a room in ClubHouse easily and quickly:

How to create a Room in Clubhouse

The Rooms are virtual spaces where users can talk about any topic. For create a room, you just have to touch the button “+Start a Room” at the bottom of your profile.

Tapping the “+Start a Room” button will open a menu with different options to create a type of Room. On Clubhouse, there are three types of rooms: open, social and closed.

  • Open: Any user can access them.
  • Social: Only contacts you follow can access it.
  • Closed: The creator chooses the users who can enter.

When creating a new Room, you can associate it with an existing Club or create your own Club for it.

How to create a club in Clubhouse

To create your first Club in Clubhouse, you must have created at least three Rooms. When you've done it, open the app and go to your profile, click on your image y Select the gear button to access the administration section.

Once you have accessed the administration section, click on FAQ/Contact Us and then Cómo puedo iniciar un Club. A form will open in which you can fill out the necessary information to create your Club.

Although the platform has been in Spain for more than a year, we recommend that you write it in English. Once submitted, the Clubhouse team will review it and, if approved, your Club will be ready to go live in a few days.

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As a Club creator, you will have four user roles at your disposal:

  • Creator: He is the one who created the Club as its name indicates.
  • Moderator: He is in charge of managing the room and giving the floor.
  • Member: They are the people who are part of the club.
  • Followers: those who follow the club on a regular basis.

The creator of a Club decides who can be part of it, as a follower or member. Any user can create Rooms in a Club, as long as they follow the theme, but the creator is the one who establishes the rules, accepts them and closes them.

Now that you know how create a room in ClubHouse, and also a Club, We hope you enjoy the application to the fullest. See you next time!

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