How to convert a photo to PDF from your mobile

How to turn a photo into PDF from your mobile If this happens to you, we are here to help you: «You need to register for a particular web portal and, given the situation, you have decided to do so through its mobile phone. Unfortunately, you have suffered a setback in the process of sending the documents required to complete the procedure: although these are stored on the phone, they are saved as "simple" photographs, while the portal expressly requires that the necessary data be sent in form of PDF file«.

Are you already thinking of postponing the registration, promising to complete it as soon as possible, using the PC? You do not have to. There are numerous applications designed to transform a photo into PDF from your mobile And, within this guide of mine, I intend to illustrate those that, IMHO, are the simplest to use.

So what else are you hoping to start? Take a few minutes of free time, make yourself comfortable and beautiful laws very carefully all I have to say on the subject: I am sure that by the end of this reading, you will be perfectly able to turn your photos into PDF documents, which leads to the completion of the much desired registration. Good reading and good work!

How to convert a photo to PDF from your mobile. Export PDF

The first method to transform a photo into PDF from your mobileas well as the simplest one that I suggest you use involves the use of a built-in function in the latest versions of android  y iOS : direct export of PDF files. In fact, using the print function, it is possible to convert any type of document on the fly (including photos) into a PDF file - I explain how below.


If you have a terminal android, open the application photo (The application gallery or any other application you use to manage phone images) and select the photo you want convert to PDF; then you touch the button (🇧🇷) and play the voice print present in the proposed menu.

The game is almost over: press it in the drop-down menu located at the top or press the button resident in the upper right corner, then select the item Save in PDF from the menu that appears on the screen. Finally click the button with the icon PDF placed at the top and, to conclude, indicates the name file in the box provided and press the button Save to store the converted file in the folder Download of Android.

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Much like what we saw earlier, it is possible to take advantage of the "hidden" functionality of print in a file even in iPhone (y Protectors ). How? I'll explain it to you right away!

First, open the application photo and select the photo you want to convert, press the button share (The square with arrow pointing up ) and tap the icon print attached to the proposed panel on the screen.

At this point, instead of selecting the AirPrint printer as you normally would, you double tap the thumbnail of the photos placed in the press room - this way, ready to save a PDF document will be generated automatically!

Finally press the button share placed in preview of previously generated PDF, choose option Save to file and, through the following screen, which indicates whether you want to save the document thus created in the internal memory of the iPhone, iCloud or other means provided by the application installed on your "iPhone by". All very simple, don't you think?


If the above solution did not convince you at all or if your operating system does not support file to file function, you can get quite similar result by using app Scanbot, available for free for Android and iOS.

If the photo of your interest is not already present in the memory of your device, click on View to before starting the application: this is due to the ability to scan Through the frame is designed to work with Optical Character Recognition (OCR or), so the shot may not be appropriate with the result you want to achieve.

However, once the app store is downloaded and installed by the code of your device, it starts from the Android or iOS drawer from the home screen and, to start, continuously press the button continuedAs well as to skip the getting started guide.

When you get to the scanning screen, press the button import located at the bottom to select the image from the system gallery, select the album of your interest and touch the preview of the photo you want to convert. On the next screen, use the "circles" located on the edges of the selection rectangle to include the entire image in the PDF that will be generated and press the button Save.

At this point, indicate the name you want to assign to the converted file and tap the button Save to add it, in PDF format, to the Scanbot administrator: you can easily share the file with the button cuota that appears on the next screen.

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In this way, the generated documents are automatically saved in the default Scanbot folder, which can be easily accessed simply by starting the application; to change it and configure a custom one, press the button (🇧🇷) located at the top, choose the item adjustments from the proposed menu and touch the item Savings position to choose the new folder.

TinyScanner / Scanner++

If previous apps didn't satisfy you, you can give Tiny Scanner a chance, both to android as if to iOS, your "companion" Scanner ++: both applications, designed for fast document scanning, allow you to convert any type of image on the fly to a PDF file.

However, the free versions of these apps have limitations: Tiny Scanner, for example, blocks certain features (not necessary for the purposes of this guide), while Scanner ++, on the other hand, provides a maximum limit of two free scans . These restrictions can be circumvented by purchasing the Pro versions of the applications, available respectively at Google Play Store ( €3.29 ) and on the App Store ( €4.99 ).

Tiny Scanner

If you have a terminal android, download and install the application from Tiny Scanner and then start and grant authorization to access the memory and camera of the device. At this point, just click on the icon in the form of album (the one at the bottom right, next to the button shaped like a camera), select the photo to convert and press the button located in the upper right.

At this point, use the selection rectangle to highlight the entire photo, tap the button resident in the lower right corner and tap the icon image to avoid adding automatic filters to the photo.

We're almost there: tap the button again located at the bottom right, indicates the name file using the appropriate box at the top and press the button located in the upper right to generate the PDF.

Finally, to share the file with one of the installed applications, press the button share (i three points forming an open triangle ), make sure the check mark is set on the item PDF, swipe left in the bottom column of options until you find the option more and touch it to access the system sharing menu.


If instead you have a iPhoneyou must trust ++ scanner, the Tiny Scanner analog designed for iOS. Although both applications were written by the same developer, the operation of Scanner ++ is slightly different from that of the already seen Android application, although equally simple.

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So first, install and launch the app and when prompted give the permission to access the camera ; done that, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed at the bottom and then on the icon in the form of image to access the photo import section.

From the next screen select the album that contains the image of your interest, select the photo you want to convert, touch the button with the four arrows out to select it completely (alternatively, you can use the selection rectangle shown on the screen).

At this point, touch the item done placed at the bottom right, then the icon with the three circles (the second from the left) and then tap the icon in the form of image to remove all filters added automatically.

When you're done, touch the button Save and press the button cuota that appears on the following screen: make sure the setting is selected PDF and, to save the generated file in the memory of the iPhone or in iCloud, touch the buttons Open in y Save to file.

Other solutions to convert a photo to PDF from mobile

Have you carefully read the tips I gave you before, but would still like to know some alternatives to the applications illustrated in this guide? No problem: there are so many methods to transform a photo into PDF from your mobile. Below I'll briefly show you some additional solutions you can rely on to do this.

  • Microsoft Office Lens.  (Android / iOS): This is a free application for android  y iOS. It was designed by Microsoft to shoot in real time, using the phone's camera, and transform them into Office files or PDF documents in just a few taps.


  • Image to PDF converter (Android): it is an application for Android that, unlike the solutions seen above, was born with the specific intention of converting the images in the gallery into PDF documents. Its free version has limitations, which can be eliminated by buying the Pro version from the application itself (for the price of €4,59 ).


  • Online converters - Don't feel like installing any app? You should know that there are numerous Internet that allow you to convert images into PDF with just a few taps, capable of working both from your PC and from mobile phones and tablets. I have illustrated some of them in my guides on how to transform images into PDF and how to convert JPG to PDF.
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