How to connect a PS4 controller to PC? Three simple ways

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If you are currently playing some games on PC, and want to buy a controller for your computer, you should consider a PS4 controller. But not everyone is aware of this or the steps they must follow to carry it out. Therefore, today we will see how to connect a PS4 controller to a PC.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy to do this as it should be, since you must follow some steps to achieve it. Here we are going to show you the three ways we have found to configure your PS4 controller on your PC.

Via a USB cable

If you have a PS4 controller, and you don't know how to connect it to your PC, The easiest option is to use a USB cable. Follow this little guide to learn how to do it.

  1. The first thing you should do is connect your PS4 controller to your computer. For this, what you have to do is use a USB cable, from the controller to the PC.
  2. Once you have connected the cable to the computer, the Windows notification tone will sound to let you know that you have just connected your controller.
  3. After the sound, a window will open, alerting you that you have connected a new device (the controller) to the PC and that Windows will proceed to configure. If you wait a while, you will notice that another notification will appear on the screen, to warn you that the device has been configured. Tapping this notification window will take you directly to the device settings screen.
  4. When you are in this section, if everything has gone as planned, you will see that A new device called Wireless Controller has appeared.

ps4 controller on pc cable

In this simple way, the controller is already connected and ready to use. However, because Windows does not recognize the PS4 controller as such, it has poorly configured and poorly mapped buttons. But don't worry, many games have tools to help you with this.


There is also another way to connect your controller to the computer, this time without the need to use a cable. Although this way is equally effective, You also need a program to be able to trick your computer. It is a platform in charge of pass your controller off as an Xbox 360 controller, which is the most compatible with the PC.

His name is DS4Windows, and it is an application with which you can automatically download the drivers that Windows needs to configure your controller. To have this program, you must follow this small guide.

  1. The first thing you should do is go to their website, and when you are here, download the application for your PC. To do this, once inside the page, you must press the option Download, which you will find by pressing the "three lines» that activate all the options on the web page.
  2. After have downloaded the file .zip, you just have to go to the downloads section of your computer, to unzip it.
  3. Once unzipped, you run the .exe file so you can open the application.
  4. After you choose where to save, you will be shown two windows of the application, one of them has a photo of a controller and the other is blank, with the Controllers option selected.
  5. In the command window, you will see a option called Step 1, which serves to install the controller drivers. However, if you have a Windows 7 or lower computer, you must press the Step 2 option, this will install some additional drivers. Once you finish, press the Finish option at the bottom.

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There is a possibility that this process may take a few minutes, or you may have to completely restart your PC to complete it. The next time you start the program, only the Controllers window, in which your controller will appear configured, with its MAC address and the current battery status.

In this same window you will find other options, such as controller profiles and edit option, to edit them. If you follow this guide to the letter, you will already have the drivers configured on your controller, so you can use it whenever you want.

However, in the Edit section of the program, you can edit your profile by adjusting each of the control parameters to your liking. You can change the color, vibration, or battery warnings; However, these are advanced settings, so You shouldn't touch them if you don't know what you're doing..

Via Steam

Steam will allow you to mark video games as private to hide them from friends

Platform Steam compensates for all the shortcomings of the computer with the PS4 controller. This is perfectly compatible with the controller, natively. Therefore, even if you connect the controller with a cable, and it is not correctly mapped in Windows, you will be able to configure it correctly in Steam. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, you must open Steam and go to the interface Steam Big Picture, you can access it by pressing the command icon in the upper right.
  2. Once you enter the mode Steam Big Picture, you must access the section adjustments. To access this section, you must look for the Settings icon at the top right of the screen. You will realize it when you see the typical gear wheel.
  3. Once inside the platform settings, you must look for the option called Controller Settings. If you can't find it with the naked eye, look in the Control section.
  4. When you are in the Controller Settings, you will see a lot of options that you can choose from. Most of these are designed for a specific type of control. What you need to do here is select the option PS4 controller setup. Steam will automatically recognize your controller, and it will map correctly.
  5. Then, you will see the driver registration option, which will provide you with the way to register the controller to your Steam account. This will be very useful to you, since once registered, every time you open your account on any device, these settings will be loaded to your command. You just have to press Register to this account, to activate the option.
  6. Lastly, you just have to customize your control if you wish. You give it a specific name, turn its vibration on or off, and edit the brightness, color, and saturation of the PS4 controller's Light feature. When you have finished customizing everything, you just have to press Submit and you can start using it in any game on the platform.

Although this way you can only use the controller for games on the platform, this is also a viable option. There are many players who use this store regularly and many do not know this quality.

And that was it, let me know in the comments what you thought of these three ways to use your PS4 controller on your computer.

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