How to Complete Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

Destiny 2 introduces new daily Iron Banner challenges for the second event of the Season of the Seraph. This event includes the Stronghold mode and classic Destiny 1 armor.

To complete the challenges, you need to play multiple matches using a specific subclass. Each completed challenge gives you a reward in the form of pinnacle team and an increase of rank in the Iron Banner, which helps you get more themed gear from Lord Saladin Destiny 2. This is everything you need to know about the Iron Banner daily challenges this season and how to complete them.

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How to find Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges

Here at the SESSAO of the current event Destiny 2 Iron Banner, you must play more matches of Iron Banner using Void or Stasis subclasses to complete the daily challenges.

  • Play 3 Iron Banner matches with a Void or Stasis subclass
  • Play 4 additional Iron Banner matches with a Void or Stasis subclass
  • Play 5 additional Iron Banner matches with a Void or Stasis subclass
  • Play 6 additional Iron Banner matches with a Void or Stasis subclass

To know in What stage your Iron Banner daily challenges are in, you can check on the Destiny page, by selecting The Crucible and then clicking on the Iron Banner activity node. This will give you all the information about the challenges and will allow you to check the number of games you have played. In addition, you can also see the game rules for Fortitude and its rank increase multiplier. To complete the challenges, you just need to play a total of 18 matches in Iron Banner using a Void or Stasis subclass.

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During the first four days of an Iron Banner event in Destiny 2, you will receive a new daily challenge automatically with each daily reset from Tuesday to Friday. Although they are called "weekly", they do not expire until the end of the Iron Banner event on the following Tuesday. Please note that daily challenges, rewards and the search for Forging Iron they are per character and not per account, so you can fill them in on your other characters.

Iron Banner Daily Challenge Rewards

From complete a daily challenge as part of the Forging Iron intro quest for Iron Banner, you will receive your rewards: a Pinnacle Iron Banner swag which will help you reach the power limit of the season of 1590 and a 50% increase in your earnings Iron Banner range. Complete all four challenges per character in each Iron Banner event to significantly improve your rank gains. Increase your earnings by using up to 5 pieces of Iron Banner gear, such as weapons, armor pieces, and armor decorations with the emblem of the Iron Banner. If you wear a piece of armor with a different decoration, it counts as two pieces of equipment.

Check talk to Lord Saladin in the Tower to collect Iron Banner rewards and engrams as you rank up. The Season of the Seraph introduces the automatic rifle Dark Decider and the shotgun Gunnora's Ax, plus fan-favorite Iron Banner armor from Destiny, The Taken King.

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