How to clarify video

How to clarify video. Made some videos during the concert of your favorite band, to capture the best moments of the night. Unfortunately, due to the low brightness in the room, all the footage you recorded came out dark and now you are desperately looking for a solution to improve its quality.

With today's guide, I will explain how to clarify videos from mobile phones, tablets and PCs using solutions available to everyone. First, I will list a number of mobile phone and tablet apps that allow you to apply changes to your movies, with the ability to adjust their brightness. Then, I will show you how to improve the quality of the videos on your Pc, relying on some software of edition video and some online services suitable for that purpose.

How to clarify video on Android and iPhone

If you want to clarify a video using your mobile phone or tablet, you can trust one of the applications that allow you edit the movies available in Android iOS :

KineMaster (Android/iOS)

Among the first applications that you can use to clarify videos from your mobile phone or tablet, is KineMaster, Available for Android devices and iOS.

In its free version, it allows you to make changes to movies without limitations, but applies a watermark (the application logo) to the videos that are exported.

To remove this brand, you must subscribe to a subscription plan of 3.56 euros / month or 28 euros / year on Android and 46 euros / month or 5,49 euros / year on iPhone / iPad. However, it is available in a 7-day free trial version.

To clarify a video with KineMaster, start the application in question, touch the button + to create a new project and select the form relationship of your movie 16: 9, 09:16 o 1: 1 ), then choose the option medium and select the video of your interest, press the ✓ button to import it.

Now touch the video imported (with the yellow outline ), choose the option Color adjustment from the menu that appeared on the right and upload the cursor present under the icon Sun. To find the right balance, also act on the two top sliders and as soon as you're done making your changes, tap the ✓ button to save them.

To export the edited movie, touch the icon of a arrow inside a square, choose the resolution ( 4K 2160p, 1080p HD, HD 720p, 540p, 480p y 360p ), the frame rate and quality, then press the button to export and that's it

InShot (Android/iOS)

InShot is another free app that allows you to brighten videos but also apply filters, effects, borders and writings and rotate videos made in the wrong orientation. It is available for Android devices. and for iOS.

If you think InShot is the solution that best suits your needs, download the application, start it, touch the option video and select the movie you want to edit.

On the new screen that is displayed, then press the item filters present in the menu at the bottom and select the tab ruler. Make sure you have selected the option gloss and move the cursor on the right to increase the brightness and consequently lighten the film.

If you want, you can further adjust the colors of your video by adjusting the options contrast y saturation, while saving the changes, you must touch the ✓ button. To export the movie, then press the icon of a arrow inside a square, Press the button Save and wait for the video processing to finish.

You should know that InShot applies a watermark to exported videos, which you can remove for free from time to time by tapping it when editing the video. However, to permanently remove it, you must make an in-app purchase of 3,49 euros.

VivaVideo (Android/iOS)

VivaVideo is another application for Android and iOS devices that allows you to edit your movies easily. In its free version, it applies a watermark to the exported videos and has limited functionality: to use VivaVideo without limitations, you must activate a subscription of 2,99 euros / month or 12,99 euros / year with a free trial of 3 days.

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To clarify a video with VivaVideo, after downloading and starting the app, tap the item edit, select the movie of your interest and press the button siguiente, to add it to the timeline. In the new screen that appears, make sure you have selected Edit clips, choose the option ruler and move the cursor present next to the icon Sun.

If desired, make further changes using the sliders to adjust the contrast, el focus, la  saturation, el shading and the video tone and press the ✓ button to save the changes made.

touch share,  choose the option Save to gallery and select the resolution of your interest from 480p typical, 720p tall, FullHD1080p y Ultra HD 4K to start processing and saving the edited movie.

Clear a video with the PC

If you prefer make a video clearer from the PC, you can easily do this by installing one of the video editing programs listed below, which allow you to edit various aspects of your movies, including color and brightness management.

Clarify a video with Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best professional video editing and editing software available for Windows PC and macOS. It is included in the suite Creative Cloud, available as a subscription service from 12,19 euros / month (have Adobe Premiere Pro from 24,39 / month). However, it is possible to test the operation of the software during 7 days downloading its trial version.

To download the free version of Premiere Pro, connect to the Adobe website and click on the item Free trial version.

When the download is complete, if you have a PC with Windows, Double-click the file Premiere_Pro_Setup.exe obtained and press the button run to start the program installation.

While if you have a Mac, open the dmg package newly downloaded double click the file Premiere Pro Installer and enter the password from your user account on MacOS.

Now, regardless of operating system installed on your PC, press the button to access and enter your Adobe ID details. If you don't have one yet, choose the option Registration and fill out the registration form to create one.

Please indicate your level of proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro ( beginner, intermediate o advanced ), Press the button siguiente and follow the guided procedure to begin the software installation.

After installing and starting the program, press the button ignore to avoid presenting the software features, then click on the item Archive and choose the options new y project from the menu that appears.

In the new screen that appears, enter a name to be assigned to the project in the field name and press the button  to accept.

Now click on the options archiveimport in the top menu and select the video of your interest to import it into Premiere, then drag it to the program timeline and select the tab color present in the top menu.

In the section of Color and lighting that appeared on the right, click on the item Basic fixes. Then find the option to exposure and increases the brightness. To further clarify the video, you can act on the options lights, darkness y clarity.

After editing the movie, select Archive  in the menu at the top and choose the options export y Multimedia files from the latter to export the video. Then select the export format through the dropdown next to the item format, Press the button export and that's it

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VLC is a famous multimedia player that allows you to play all the main multimedia file formats, with the possibility of applying changes in real time, including adjusting the brightness of the videos. It is the ideal solution for those who need to clarify a video in a non-permanent way.

To download VLC to your Pc, connect to its official website and press the button Download VLC.

When the download is complete, if you have a PC with Windows, Double-click the file VLC-(Version).exe, choose the language of your interest through the appropriate drop-down menu and press the button to accept.

Then click the buttons siguiente (three consecutive times) e to install To finish the configuration.

If you use a Mac, instead open the dmg package newly downloaded move VLC to folder applications macOS and open the last one, then right click on the program icon, choose option open and press the button open to start VLC bypassing macOS restrictions for non-certified developer applications (only needed on first start).

You are now ready to clear a video with VLC. After starting the program, if you have a PC with Windows, choose the items media y Open file from the menu at the top and select the video of your interest, then click on the item instruments in the top menu and select the option Effects and filters

In the new opened window, select the tab essential, put the check mark next to the article Image adjustment and move the cursor next to the option to the right brightness.

Yes, on the other hand, you have a Mac, after starting VLC, go to the menu File> Open media (top left) click the button Home and select the video to edit.

Then choose the option window in the menu at the top and select the item Video effects from the menu that appears, then click on the item Basic, put the check mark next to the option Image adjustment, move the to the right cursor related to the article gloss and that's it


If you have a Mac, to clarify a video you can use iMovie. Apple's famous video editing program is installed standard on all bitten apple devices: if not, you can download it directly from the Mac App Store, in the case of Mac, or from the App Store, in the case of iPhone and iPad.

To edit a video with iMovie on macOS, first launch it, make sure the option to projects is selected and click Create new y Video to create a new project. On the new screen that appears, click the icon of a arrow pointing down, select the video to clarify and press the button Import selected.

Now, click on the video in question and press the button + to add it to the iMovie timeline, then click the button again movie, to select it and choose the tool Color correction by clicking on its icon (the palette ).

To clarify the video, move the cursors visible above the player, while to cancel the changes, choose the option Restore everything.

After completing the changes that interest you, to save the video, click the icon of the arrow inside a square (top right), choose the item Archives from the menu that appears and press the buttons siguiente y Save to export the video to your PC.

Clarify a video online

If you wonder if it's possible clarify a video online without necessarily installing a program on your PC, the answer is yes. In fact, there are several online services that allow you to edit a video online directly from the browser.

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Among the first online services you can consider to clarify a video is Clipchamp, a free online editor that allows you to make changes to your movies and that has features to convert and compress videos.

In its free version, Clipchamp, it allows you to export videos only in 480p resolution. To increase the export quality, you must click on the option Update top right and choose one of the available subscription plans, starting at $ 6 / mo.

To edit a video with Clipchamp, go to the main page of the service, click the button hire, select the option commitmentLet's start with Create and on the newly opened page click on the items Sign up with Google o Sign up with Facebook to register using your Google account or your Facebook account.

Alternatively, choose the option. Use my email, enter your data in the fields Full name (your name) and the e-mail and press the button Check in. In a few moments you will receive an email from Clipchamp: click the button Login to create to complete registration and activate your account.

On the newly opened page, click on the option Jump for now to access the Clipchamp editor and press the buttons Add media y Browse my files to select and upload the video.

Once the upload is complete, drag the imported movie to the Clipchamp, select the last video ( green outline ) and click the tab colour.

On the new screen that appears, to clarify your video, move the cursor present under the heading exposure and to the left the cursor visible under option contrast.

If the end result is not to your liking, press the button reset to discard all changes, otherwise click the button X to close the window and press the button Export video twice in a row to process the movie and download it to your PC.


WeVideo is an online editor that allows you to create new projects and upload your own movies and apply numerous changes. In its free version, it allows you to increase the brightness of the videos but with some limitations: in fact, it allows you to take advantage of 5 minutes of video per month and the latter can be exported with a maximum resolution of 480p. To remove these limitations, you must activate a subscription starting at $ 4.99 per month (billed annually).

To use WeVideo, connect to the main page of the service, enter your data in the fields Name, Last Name, e-mail y password and press the button Sign up to WeVideo, then scroll down the page and press the button test it related to the option for free.

Click on the buttons continue (twice in a row) and complete the registration to access your account.

Now, choose the option medium in the top menu, press the buttons import y Browse to select and select the video to edit, to upload it to WeVideo.

Once the upload is complete, click the menu>   Create new to create a new project, then click on the icon binder and drag the video loaded just before in the WeVideo timeline.

To clarify the movie, double click on it, select the option color, move the right cursor present under the heading gloss and press the button Finished editing To save the changes.

Now, select the article finished, Click the button set, Choose the exportation quality and press the button finish. Once the video processing is complete, click the icon arrow pointing down to download it to your PC and that's it.

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