How to change your Netflix account on Smart TV

How to change Netflix account in Smart TV. You share the Netflix account with more friends and use the same Smart TV. The problem, however, is that you have no idea how to change the Netflix account on Smart TV.

In this guide, I'll show you how to switch between Netflix accounts through the Smart TV service app. First of all, though, I'll take care of showing you how to create and manage new profiles right from the TV, so you can customize the viewing preferences of each of your roommates.


How to change Netflix profile on Smart TV step by step

If you want to share your Netflix account with your roommates, but by "splitting" the viewing preferences according to the tastes of each individual user, you can add new profiles to the account that is currently in use.

In this way, each time you decide to watch something on Netflix, you can select your personal profile to retrieve the preferences and options previously established.

Before continuing, I remind you that Netflix allows you to create up to a maximum of 5 profiles per account; The number of possible simultaneous accesses, on the other hand, is defined by the type of active subscription: 1 access for the subscription basis (€ 7,99 / month) 2 accesses for the plan Standard (€ 11,99 / month) 4 accesses for the plan Premium (€ 15,99 / month).

If you have a Basic plan and want to change your subscription type, you can easily proceed from any browser you prefer (including TV).

Therefore, visit the page and then having entered your account credentials, click on the item Change of Plan and follow the suggested procedure on the screen to go to a "higher" floor.

Change profile

Now that you have 'adapted' the subscription to your new needs, it is time to understand how to intervene in the vision profiles, changing the one in use depending on who will use the service.

If you have already set up profiles for each member of your family, you can switch between them in a number of ways.

The simplest method to change Netflix profile on Smart TV involves turning the television off and on again. At each new start, the Netflix application should automatically show the screen for selecting the profile to use.

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Alternatively, you can change the active display profile directly from the application.

After starting it, press the key left turn in the remote control To open the Netflix main menu, select the name of profile currently used (eg. Salvador ) using the icon at the top of the menu and press the button Okay o enter in the remote control to access the profile selection screen.

Create a profile

If necessary, you can proceed to create new profiles directly from the Netflix TV app.

First, access the profile selection following the instructions I gave you just now, then press the button Add Profile and, using the keyboard on the screen, indicate the First name to assign to the new profile.

Then press the button Following, specify a icon, language for content is displayed and if you are creating a profile for children, place the check mark next to the corresponding box. Finally, press the button end.

From now on, you can use the newly created profile.

In case of errors during the creation of the profile, or if you want to delete a profile that is no longer used, return to the screen profile selection, press the button pencil placed on the profile of your interest and press the button twice Delete profile to get rid of it permanently, thus removing the display preferences associated with the profile itself.

If your TV does not offer the ability to create new profiles from the Netflix application, you can create a new profile directly from the service's website or from your application to Android o iOS.

Once you open the site or the application, click on the button Log In, enter your account login credentials (use the same as the associated account on the TV), then select the item Add a profile and follow the same steps that I showed you a while ago.

Once the operation is complete, simply turn off the Smart TV and turn it on again to see the new profile appear also within the Netflix application of the TV.

Modify entire Netflix account on Smart TV

Wasn't the information I gave helpful to you as it is your specific intention to change the entire account in use in the Netflix app for Smart TV?

No problem, in the following lines I will show how to complete this operation.

Change accounts

To change Netflix account on Smart TV, proceed as follows:

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First, start the service application by calling it from the Smart menu of the TV, press the left directional key To access the side menu of the application, scroll down until you find the item Settings

Once in the account administration screen, choose the item Sign out of your account, Press the button Okay / Login on the remote control to log out, and on the confirmation screen, select and press thebutton. Yes, so that your choice is effective.

The application will restart and after a few moments you will return to the welcome screen.

At this point, if you already have a new account to use, press the button Log In, then on the button Back to return to the input screen of e-mail (basically the app will ask you to enter the password of the last account used, which you want to avoid if you intend to switch accounts).

At this point, all you have to do is enter the credentials of the new Netflix account to use and press the button to log in.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a new account at this stage, please follow the instructions I'm about to give you in the next section of this guide.

Note: For the process to be successful, it is essential to act from a profile that has not been marked as "For children"; To change, if necessary, the profile in use, I invite you to follow the instructions that I have given you in one of the previous sections of this guide.

Create an account

You can start creating a new Netflix account right from your TV quite simply.

After logging out of the previous account and returning to the application welcome screen, press the button Try it now and then click on Next.

If all went well, the screen containing all available subscription plans should appear.

Choose the one that suits you best, press the button again Next, repeat the operation on the next screen and enter, in the appropriate text field, a Valid Email Address, using the virtual keyboard that will appear on the screen (you can move between the characters with the arrows and select them with the Okay o enter remote control).

After entering the email address, press the button Next.

If you did everything correctly, you will receive a registration link in the email box indicated above.

To successfully complete the registration, please log in to your inbox, follow the links received in the Netflix mail (to expedite everything, I suggest you do it from your mobile phone / Tablet or Pc) and continue to indicate, where necessary, the password to access Netflix.

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Once this is done, press the button Next.

Specify the payment method that you like the most (during the first 30 days, you will not be charged anything) and complete the registration indicating the data related to it (for example, credit card number and relative CVV, credentials Paypal account, Etc.).

When finished, press the button Start your subscription and then use the proposed screens to specify the devices on which you intend to watch Netflix and create at least one display profile.

At the end of registration, all you have to do is enter the credentials of the account you just created in the Netflix app for Smart TV. If you encounter difficulties during the registration phase for the service, I invite you to consult my thematic guide on the subject.

In case of problems

If you have problems accessing the functions of the Netflix application for Smart TV, the first advice I can give you is to turn the TV off and on again to completely free the application's "memory" of the temporary information saved so far. .

However, it may happen that the memory clearing is not performed correctly, due to the quick on / off configured in the operating system from the TV.

In this case, it is a kind of "standby".

In this case, only turns off the Smart TV screen, while the operating system is left in low power mode.

In this case, the applications remain active in memory and, for this very reason, it may not solve the problem you are experiencing.

To fix the 'problem', it may be enough to disable Quick Start mode (available between TV settings ), Or remove the power socket from the appliance and replace it after about 2 minutes.

If the problem still does not resolve itself, I suggest you "cut your head" and try uninstalling and reinstalling the application again, directly from your Smart TV store.

For any other problem related to your Netflix subscription, I invite you to contact the service's technical support staff.

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