How to block events on Facebook

How to block events en Facebook

There are several friends in Facebook that every day they send you dozens of invitations to the most disparate events. Someone also interests you, but in 90% of cases it is only annoying notifications that reach your wall and obstruct your inbox: would you like to delete them?

With today's guide we will see together how to block events on Facebook, so that the most active friends and "partygoers" can no longer assault you with their invitations and you can return to browse Facebook with complete peace of mind, without having to witness the appearance of notifications for repeated events. Everything is explained in detail here.

If you want to find out how to block events on Facebook, all you have to do is connect to the main page of the social network using your account normally, click the button with the arrow which is in the upper right (where the button used to be Account ) and select the item Privacy settings in the menu that appears.

On the page that opens, click on the item Manage blocks placed in front of the newsroom Applications and people blocked and use the field Block invitations de placed under the heading Block event invitations to block the most "worldly" users. Then write their names in the text field and press the key I enter the keyboard from your PC to apply the lock.

In this point, has blocked to the (un) desired people so that they cannot send you invitations to any type of event, but what to do if you have doubts? Nothing simpler. If you have changed your mind and after taking action block events on Facebook want to restore the ability to receive invitations from someone, go back Privacy settings and click the item again Manage blocks placed in front of the newsroom Apps and people blocked.

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On the page that opens, find the section Block event invitations and click on the item unlock placed next to the name of the previously blocked person to restore the ability to receive event invitations from that person.