How to become an animagus in Hogwarst legacy

Players are already exploring Hogwarts Legacy, choosing their house and walking the halls of the legendary wizarding school in search of magical knowledge and the elimination of their enemies. But will you be able to take your magical education to a higher level and become animagus?

Inside the magical world, the ability to transform into an animagus involves learning to take the form of a particular animal. The animagi have the ability to achieve this transformation just with a simple movement of the wand, and sometimes even without it.

Although it is mandatory that all animagi register with the Ministry of Magic, this does not guarantee that everyone will. While Minerva McGonagall took the legal path, others like James Potter, Sirius Black, and Rita Skeeter learned to transform into Animagi without registering their ability.

Learning the ability to transform into an Animagus is a long and complex process. which can be extremely dangerous if something goes wrong. It is definitely not something that can be mastered by a fifth year student. However, will this be enough to stop your character at Hogwarts Legacy?

In a nutshell, it is not possible for your character to become an animagus in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sign up for our Newsletter and get the latest news on esports, gaming and much more. As already mentioned, the ability to transform into an Animagus is extremely difficult to master, and it is rare to find 15-year-old students capable of accomplishing this feat.

In fact, in the Harry Potter saga, the ability to transform into animagus it is not part of the Hogwarts curriculum (although this might not be applicable in the late XNUMXth century, around the time Hogwarts Legacy is set).

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The ability to transform into an Animagus would fall within the area of ​​Transfiguration, a subject taught by Professor Matilda Weasley, who would focus mainly on transformation and escape spells, among other things relevant to OWLs of students.

However, this does not mean that Avalanche cannot decide to include this option later, maybe through a DLC. In case this happens, we will update this article.