How to activate Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch

How to activate Bluetooth en Nintendo Switch. You have always been a huge fan of Nintendo and have bought almost all the consoles produced by the famous Japanese giant. When you are away from home, such as on public transport or in a place where you cannot make noise, you can connect a wired headset to the console, but you can also connect a wireless one.

However, when looking at the system settings, you did not find any option to enable the wireless interface of the console and therefore you would like to know how activate Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch and pair with the headphones in your possession.

How to activate Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch step by step

If you want to know how to activate Bluetooth on Nintendo Switch, know that this, by default, is already enabled, so that it allows the controllers (Joy-Con) to send command signals when disconnected from the central body, to play the console in TV mode.

However, this specific interface of Switch and Switch Lite cannot be used to connect other devices, such as Bluetooth headsets.

To connect such devices to the console, you must purchase a external receiver or adapter to connect to the Nintendo Switch. So let's see in detail what it could do for you.

If you have Bluetooth headsets or headphones that you have already paired with your phone or tablet, all you have to do is buy a external USB-C transmitter to connect to the appropriate port on the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, since you cannot manage the already integrated Bluetooth interface of the Nintendo Switch, your only solution is to use an external receiver that acts as a "bridge" between the console and the wireless headphones, putting them in communication.

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You should know that there are several models of Bluetooth receiver, such as the ones listed below.

All of the products I mentioned above consist of a small device with a USB-C port to connect to the appropriate USB-C input on the bottom of the Nintendo Switch. Some of these models are small and compact, making them one with the console itself.

Additionally, they may already come with a USB adapter to allow connection to the USB-A port on the base of the Nintendo Switch. Also in this case, this type of adapter is convenient when playing this console both on the move and in TV mode.

To pair the headset with the console, all you need to do is press and hold the pairing button on the receiver until the LED begins to flash rapidly.

Once done, perform the same operation on the headphones by pressing the pairing button (or the combination to activate pairing mode, which you can find in the device manual) until the indicator light tells you that the headphones are ready to pair.

If you followed my instructions to the letter, the LEDs should stop flashing, with a solid light indicating that the LEDs two devices have been paired. However, for a correct procedure, refer to the instruction manual of the receiver and the headphones.

If you do not want to "occupy" the USB-C port of the Switch, you can choose to have the Bluetooth receivers that are connected to the audio jack, which will capture the sound from this port.

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These types of devices are very similar in their operation to those that I indicated in the previous paragraphs. Below you will find a list of some products of this type that may be of interest to you.

When choosing Bluetooth receivers, choose devices that support the latest wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth 5 and later versions.

Bluetooth 4.x. that are equipped with the protocol Low energy, that is, low consumption, which prevents the battery from Nintendo Switch runs out faster when using wireless headphones.

If, on the other hand, you have a PC headset already equipped with a wireless USB adapter to transmit the audio signal, buying a Bluetooth receiver may be useless, although most of this type of headset also offers the possibility of pairing via Bluetooth ( for greater compatibility with mobile devices Android e iOS /iPadOS).

In this case, the alternative is to buy a USB-C to USB-A adapter, to allow you to connect the USB receiver of the wireless headset directly to the Nintendo Switch. Here are some solutions that might be right for you.

So you can decide to use an adapter with a single USB port or go for one that allows you to have a few more.

In general, any adapter should be fine. The only thing unknown is the headset's wireless USB receiver, which the Nintendo Switch may not recognize correctly.

How to activate Bluetooth on Switch in airplane mode

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, the Nintendo Switch uses the integrated Bluetooth interface to maintain communication with the Joy-Con, when they are disconnected from the central body, to play in TV mode.

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Unfortunately, in case you need to activate the Airplane mode, the Joy-Con cannot be disconnected, as they will not work: this happens because the radio interface of the console is disabled, as well as the Wi-Fi, when airplane mode is activated on the console.

In any case, you can also deactivate this restriction, acting directly from the console's configuration panel.

First, turn on the Nintendo Switch  and follow the on-screen instructions to access your main screen.

Once this is done, press the gear icon located at the bottom and, using the sidebar, locate the Airplane mode.

At this point, if airplane mode is already set to Yes, all you have to do is hit YesCommunication with controllers (Bluetooth).

Now, the last step is to disconnect the Joy-Con to be able to play with the console in TV mode.

Warning: It is not recommended to activate the Bluetooth interface when the Nintendo Switch is in airplane mode if you are in places where radio interference is prohibited. Therefore, first make sure that you can activate this option without breaking any rules and thus avoid putting your health and that of others at risk.

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