How to access the PlayStation Network

How to access the PlayStation Network

You just bought one PS4, you would love to enjoy its content online, but you don't really know what it is. The PlayStation Network account What is required to access it? Do not worry, it is not complicated or expensive. In fact, creating a PlayStation Network (or PSN) account is completely free. All you need is to access your console settings or connect to the PlayStation website and enter your personal information.

Once you've signed up, you'll be able to interact with other PlayStation Network members by sharing your in-game progress and trophies, doing live performances, watching other users' live on YouTube and Twitch, and much more. You can also access the applications of PlayStation Store and greatly enhance your Sony home console experience. The only thing you will not be able to do is participate in the multiplayer mode of the games, which is reserved for subscribers to PlayStation Plus: a service I'll tell you about later.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to fully immerse yourself in the world of the PlayStation and discover how to access PlayStation Network ? If your answer is yes, take a five minute break and follow the instructions I'm going to give you - I'm sure you'll be delighted to discover all the features and services that you will be able to access once you've signed up.

  • Access PlayStation Network from PS4
    • Connecting PS4 to Internet
    • Create a PlayStation Network account
    • Customize your PSN account
    • Access to PlayStation Plus
  • Access PlayStation Network from PS3, PSP or PSVita
  • Access PlayStation Network from PC

Access PlayStation Network from PS4

If you have a PS4 and you don't know how to access PlayStation Network Don't worry, you just have to take a few simple steps. Now I will explain them to you in detail.

Connecting PS4 to the Internet

As you can easily guess, the first step you have to take is connect the PS4 to the Internet. If you haven't already, then turn on the console, go to the menu Settings (the toolbox icon in the upper right corner), and then go to the article… Set up the internet connection and choose your options Use Wi-Fi; Typical.

To finish, select the name of your Wi-Fi network...write the… clef to the latter and wait patiently for the console to perform its connection tests.

If you don't want to connect your PS4 to the internet via Wi-Fi, but via Ethernet cable make sure the cable is properly connected to the network ports on the console and modem and return to the Setting; Net; Set up the internet connection from the PlayStation. Then choose the Using a network (LAN) cable from the screen that opens and go ahead to allow the PS4 to perform all the necessary connection tests.

Create a PlayStation Network account

Once your PS4 is connected to the Internet, you can go on to create your account on PlayStation Network. Then go to the Settings console (the toolbox icon in the upper right corner), go to Account management and select the Sign in to PlayStation Network screen that opens. You will be redirected to the module to log into the PlayStation Network.

To start creating a new PSN account, move around with the directional arrows either with him analog stick the controller on the button New PlayStation Network user? Create an account and press the X.

At this point, press the key Sign up now and fill in the form that is proposed with the data related to your Country or region at home in language What are you talking about? birthdate. It tienes ... under 18 years ... You will create a local user for offline play and then ask an adult to approve the account through Family Account Management available on PS4 (via Content filter / family management settings). More information here.

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Now select the Next fill in the second form that is proposed with the details of your residence address ( City, State / Province e Postal Code ) and move on ... Next.

Once you have passed this step as well, write the Login ID (that is, the email address) and the Password you want to use to access the PlayStation Network (the password must be repeated in the Password e Confirm Password ), after which it is chosen if receive personalized information and offers from Sony using the appropriate box at the bottom and go Next.

Now, choose one of the many avatar available to give a public image to your profile (you can browse the avatars available according to the themes that appear in the left sidebar) and fill in the new form that is proposed with your Online ID that is, the name you want to use to identify yourself in the online games and other PlayStation services (you can't change it, so choose wisely!), name e surname and press the buttons Next e Keep going to move on

Now you have to choose the level of privacy of the content that is part of the account you are creating: Activities, Trophies, Private games, Games e Surveillance requests. You can choose for each item whether to make it visible by Any, Just friends o Friends of friends.

Once you've made your choices, move on Next and sets the level of privacy for communications with other users as well: Friends, Friendly requests, Players who can follow you, List of players you follow, Invitations for the team e Players you may know.

Finally, keep going ... Next and choose the level of privacy for the personal information contained in the account, then for the display of your real name in search yours real name on friends list yours real name in games yours Off-console availability gods posts and the gods label.

Once you have passed this step, press the button Next e You accept (to accept the PSN terms of service) and go back Next to complete the process of creating your account.

You now have an account on PSN, but you must first verify your identity in order to use it on PS4. Then go to your inbox, open the message you received from Sony (if you can't find it, check your spam folder) and click the button Check now present inside.

Then, back on the PS4, press the Has already been verified e Keep going and customize your profile by following the instructions on the screen.

Pigia then on the button Next (to go through the tutorial where it is explained how to add a background image to the profile) and choose whether or not the 2-step verification If you do not know what it is, it is a security measure that associates a code for use and delivery by SMS with the standard password of the PSN account, to prevent unauthorized access even in case of password theft.

Once 2-step verification has been established (or after pressing the key Please do it later. to avoid the procedure), choose whether or not to add a number of mobile phone to your PSN account (to recover your account password in case of loss), if you associate your Profile of Facebook to the latter and whether or not to activate a subscription to the service PlayStation Plus (To access the online multiplayer mode of the titles available for PS4 and enjoy exclusive discounts and free games every month). If you are a new user, the PlayStation Plus subscription is free for 14 days, otherwise it costs 24,99 euros for 3 months or 59,99 euros for 12 months.

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Finally, choose whether to establish accounts for others members of the family using PS4. You can configure family members by choosing from user accounts already configured in the console, using the Login ID from other people's accounts or create new users at this time.

Once you have adjusted the preferences of your family members, press the button OK to confirm the storage of your access credentials on PS4 and enjoy all the services of the PSN world!

Customize your PSN account

If after creating your account on PlayStation Network you want to edit your account, go to the section Settings from PS4, select the Manage your account and then upload Account information.

A screen will open, through which you can edit Login ID (email address), Safety (password and other security settings), Portfolio (i.e. the payment methods associated with the account), Profile (name, profile picture, avatar, background image, etc.), Executive, PlayStation subscriptions active (for example, PlayStation Plus), List of services active on the account (for example, season passes for games purchased through the PlayStation Store), Communication preferences (to choose whether or not to receive promotional communications from Sony), Sex (type of membership) and Personalization settings (to manage account personalization settings).

To change a setting, all you have to do is highlight the setting with the directional arrows or else analog stick and select it by pressing the button X.

Access to PlayStation Plus

As already mentioned in the opening of the post, creating a PlayStation Network account does not give access to the online multiplayer mode of titles for PS4 (except the free ones based on their own servers, like the ones I mentioned in my tutorial on how Download games free on PS4). To take advantage of this feature and obtain other benefits, such as the ability to Download games free every month and enjoy exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store, you must activate a subscription PlayStation Plus.

To activate a subscription PlayStation Plus Select the appropriate item from the PS4 start menu (top left), press the button Enroll in PS Plus (located in the upper right) and choose the type of subscription to subscribe: if you are a new user, you can try the service free for 14 days otherwise you can subscribe to a subscription of 24,99 euros for 3 months or 59,99 euros for 12 months. Payment can be made by credit card (also rechargeable) or with a Paypal account.

For more information on PlayStation Plus and some tips on finding service-related promotions, read my tutorial on how to get PlayStation Plus for free.

Access PlayStation Network from PS3, PSP or PSVita

You don't have a PS4, you have a PS3 or a portable console PSP o PSVita ? Don't worry, accessing the PlayStation Network on these consoles is as easy as it is on PlayStation 4.

  • PS3 and PSP - select your local user and go to PlayStation Network Then in Sign up. e Create an account. Next, fill in the forms that are proposed to you and, at the end of the procedure, check your account via the email that you will receive from Sony.
  • PSVita - select the icon Settings from the console's start menu, and then go to Start; PlayStation Network and select the Sign up. from the menu that opens. Next, fill in the proposed forms and, at the end of the procedure, verify your account via the email you will receive from Sony.
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Access PlayStation Network from PC

If you don't have a PS4 or another Sony console By hand, you can create a PlayStation Network account directly from your PC. The procedure you need to follow is extremely quick and easy.

First, link to this page on the PlayStation website and click on the Login or register now which is in the center of the screen and then in the voice Create a new account located at the bottom of the page that opens.

At this point, fill in the form with all your personal data: Login ID (i.e. your email address), Date of birth, Sex, Country / Region of the residence, Language and the password to use on the PSN (which must be write in the fields Create password e Confirm Password ), check the box next to the entry I am not a robot choose whether to receive or not ... information and offers related to the PlayStation (using the appropriate box at the bottom of the page) and press the button. I agree. Create an account to confirm your membership.

Now, to activate your account, go to your inbox, open the message sent by Sony and click the button Check now contained in it. If you don't receive a message within a few minutes, try checking the folder in the spam or to click the button Send the email again on the PlayStation website.

Once you have completed the account verification, go back to the PlayStation website, press the button Keep going and log in using the credentials you just created. You will be asked to update your profile - click the buttons Next e Keep going to accept and you will find yourself in front of the account administration panel.

At this point, click on the Update account placed in the upper left part and fill in all the forms that are proposed: in Profile you have to type the Online ID that will identify you publicly in the friend lists and in the Online features of the games (you will not be able to change it, so choose well!); in Identity you must enter your first and last name and a security question (with an answer) to recover your account in case you lose your credentials; in Location you have to write your home address; in End billing you must provide the details of a valid payment method (if you want to skip this step, click the No ), Meanwhile in Notification preferences you have to choose if receive information and offers from PlayStation and Sony using the box provided.

In conclusion, press the button Finalize and configure your account in the console. For example, if you have a PS4 To use the PlayStation Network account you just created, you have to go to the menu Settings from the console (the toolbox icon in the upper right corner), choose the items Account management e Sign in to PlayStation Network of the screens that open and enter your access credentials in the form that is offered.

Once you have associated your account with the console, you can use it to access all the services in the world of PlayStation and have the opportunity to customize it, as explained previously in the PS4 chapter. Easier than that ?!