Grid 2: Saga, genre, theme and much more

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Grid II game screenshot.

Grid 2

It was released on the market in the year 2.013, this racing video game developed by Codemasters to be played in PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360, is known among older players for TOCA.

But for new players who do not know TOCA, it is a very important driving franchise that made its way into the market with great renowned games like Race driver: Create & Race, PLAY 2 Touring Cars, TOCA Touring Car Championship, Grid Autosport, among others.

This video game was a success since its launch, not only because it belongs to this saga but also because of its graphic design where cars and roads have great dynamics and excellent resolution, giving users a very realistic experience.

The premiere of Grid 2 kicked off a new franchise, which focused on compatibility and online gaming, garnering critical reviews from consumers and press who reviewed its launch.

What is Grid 2 about?

This video game is inspired by a novice racing driver who wants to stand out by winning competitions, sponsors, followed and of course the attention of the most important teams.

His main goal is to get to compete in World Series Racer, which is an important fictional competition on circuits that are located in Paris, Chicago or Dubai against eleven more vehicles. But these races bring different challenges between the competitors, as well as confrontations between them.

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In this game we can choose cars from important brands in the world, such as Honda, Ford, Mazda or Chevrolet, managing to offer an experience at all levels to each of the competitors.

On the other hand, if you want to know more about other types of exciting games like Stranded Deep, visit our page.

Grid 2: PC Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 (64 Bit recommended)
  • Memory: 2 GB to 4 GB RAM
  • Processor:  AMD Athlon X2 5400+, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Intel Core i7 / AMD Bulldozer.
  • HDD: 15 GB free
  • DirectX:  11
  • Graphic card: Intel Graphics 5200 / AMD HD6000 Series / Nvidia GTX500 serial. 1GB RAM or Intel HD Graphics 3000 / AMD HD2600 / NVIDIA Geforce 8600.
  • Internet broadband: outstanding.
  • Sound: Direct X compatible
  • Other supported graphics cards: HD3650 or more, Intel HD Graphics 4000, GTX600 type: AMD Fusion A8 or more 9500, GTX220 or more, HD4550 or better, AMD Radeon HD2600 or better, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel Graphics 5200, HD5000, HD6000 Series, HD7000 Series. NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better, GTX400 type, GTX500 Series.

How do I play Grid 2?

If you are interested in trying this game you just have to search Grid 2 stream o Humble Bundle Grid 2 where you will download it totally free for a period of time, in which you will be able to experience races in great pints worldwide with competition cars.

We only recommend that you take into account the requirements that we indicated above so that your equipment does not generate problems during the game.

Basic tricks for Grid 2 on PlayStation 3, PC and X360

Like other video games, Grid 2 offers small codes to its users so that they can get the cars they need to win circuits.

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So below we will give you some of these codes, but first you must enter the main menu of your game, click on Options and then select Bonus Code. Once there, you will have to enter the code you want to unlock the car automatically.

  • BMW 320si Buchbinder:  F93857372.
  • WTCC Spec BMW 320si Gamestation:  G29782655.
  • PAGANI ZONDA R:  M38572343.
  • All good powered cars: MUS59279.
  • Aston Martin DBR9:  P47203845.
  • Cars for any terrain: TUN58396.
  • Bucket binder BMW 320si:  F93857372.
  • mustang:  DAFJ55E01473M0.
  • BMW 320si:  G29782655.
  • Micromania Pagani Zonda R:  M38572343.
  • Aston Martin DBR9:  P47203845.
  • Drift Cars:  TUN58396.
  • Access from the first part of traditional cars: MUS59279.
TOCA Touring Car Championship.

Other games TOCA offers

TOCA represents a series of high-speed automotive competition video games, run on circuits of important championships, such as: Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, British Touring Car Championship and V8 Supercars.

Today, it has eleven video games that have become known for their graphics and powerful features, which have caught the most demanding users. Among these are:

TOCA Touring Car Championship

It is the first video game of the series for PlayStation and PC released between the years 1.997 and 1.998, since then it immediately became one of the main racing games on the market, especially in its console format.

TOCA 2 touring cars

Seeing the commotion that was generated with TOCA Touring Car Championship, the developers developed a second installment, which followed the basic concept but offered its users an annual update of tracks and cars, in an environment full of unique graphics and features that managed to immerse players in a race very real fictitious.

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TOCA World Touring Cars

In 2.000, the third TOCA game was released, emphasizing Touring Car competitions around the world, but it failed to meet the expectations surrounding this version.

TOCA Race Driver

This video game went around the world, since sixth generation video consoles began to appear on the market and TOCA Race driver, was among the first games that users acquired to test these consoles.

But that was not all, this new version broke the traditional parameters of the saga, since it not only allowed the user to compete but could be in the shoes of an important car driver.

TOCA Race Driver 2

Due to the advancement of video game consoles and technology in videogames, this new version allowed the expansion of the game for XBOX and PSP, without leaving PlayStation and PC by its side.

TOCA Race Driver 3

With TOCA Race Driver 3 came the different types of motor sports: Oval circuit, Off-road, Open wheel, Rally and GT in pro races or world tours, up to eight users can play online.

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