How to get free Robux in 2021

How to earn free Robux

Roblox It has become a game of enormous popularity, which they continue to maintain in 2020. Have beautiful clothes or accessories, or be able to buy special and unique items is something of importance in the game, although being able to do this it is something that costs money, the well-known Robux, that we can buy with real money.

Not all users have money or are willing to earn real money on these Robux. So, look for ways to get them for free. There are a series of methods that allow us to get them for free, by carrying out certain actions to do so. This is exactly what many are looking for, so we will tell you how it can be done.

Sell ​​your own items in the game

Roblox sell pets

If you are a Roblox Premium user, you have an option available that will allow you to win money in the game. You can sell your own items, such as creating your own clothes and then selling them. If you manage to create interesting or original objects, you can get good amounts of Robux in the game. So it is presented as an option to consider, since it also allows you to be creative.

Clothes can be created in the game, using a series of templates for this, the company itself count the way in which it is possible to create clothes for an avatar. This method will allow you to sell the clothing you create to other players in the game. Thanks to this, you will be able to earn Robux, which you will use later to buy whatever you want.

Codes to redeem

This is another option than allows you to win Robux for free, although it is usually less efficient, since the codes that we can redeem in the game tend to expire quickly. The validity they have is usually not too long, which forces us to be quick when looking for and using them. There are specific pages where these codes are, although by searching Google we can also find many of them.

This type of codes will allow us to win gifts in the game, sometimes from them directly Robux. We will only have to redeem them within the game itself, so that we will be able to have access to them. It is worth trying various codes, although if there is a new one that is effective, it tends to expand quickly, so if you are active in forums or pages about Roblox, you will surely find one.

Applications to earn money

Earn free Robux with surveys

There are a number of applications that allow you to earn money, performing certain actions. This money is what will later be redeemed to obtain these Robux, so we are obtaining them for free. Or there are even applications that we can exchange for Google Play cards, for example. The purpose in any case is to be able to obtain these Robux for free.

The actions to be carried out can be varied. There are applications where we have to answer surveys, in others we are asked to watch videos or advertisements, while others will ask us to try some applications or play games. Actions can vary from one application to another, but this is the most common. So we must be prepared for what lies ahead.

It is a widely used method, although it has a number of disadvantages. The most important is that little money is paid. It takes a long time to accumulate an amount of money that we will be able to redeem, so it may become heavy for many. It is not as fast a method as many hope. It may take several weeks for you to collect enough money to buy Robux in the game. You have to be patient when using these applications, but you can do it.

Make money with apps for Robux

Surely you will find many applications that give you the opportunity to do this. Although not all are equally reliable, which is another aspect to consider and is one of the disadvantages as well. Apps like Google Opinion Rewards, AppKarma or Cash for Apps they are the most reliable, safe and effective options. They allow us to carry out the necessary actions to obtain that money that we can then exchange for Robux in the game. Before using any of them it is important to check if it is really reliable or not, to avoid using a malicious application or that it will not pay us.

Sell ​​Game Passes

The Games Passes in the game are a series of special tickets, which will provide you with a series of benefits or different abilities. That is, you will be able to be faster, or stronger or more resistant, which is an important advantage in the game. So when you go to create your first game, vso you can create these Game Passes. You will be able to sell them then, which is undoubtedly something of importance.

You will be able to put the price you want on them. Also, if you are a Roblox Premium user, 70% of the proceeds from that sale they will be for you. So it is a good way to win Robux in the game. Users who are not part of the premium subscription make less profit, only 10%, so it is a slower way to earn Robux in the game. But both ways are presented as a method for it.

Sell ​​Game Access

roblox premium

Similar to the previous ones, but different. Game Access are passes or tickets that will allow a user to join a game. That is, if you have created a game, you will be able to sell these passes, so that someone who has an interest will be able to play in it. The important thing is that it is a good game, because if it is good, not only will you have more people who want to enter, but you will be able to set a price that allows you to obtain good benefits. So it's a job to do.

Prices normally they are usually between 25 and 1000 Robux. It is a wide range, but in which you will be able to decide what you think is the right price for your game. As with the other passes, 70% of the profits will be for you if you are a Roblox Premium participant and if you are not, it will be only 10%. It can be another good method with which to obtain these Robux so that you can use them as you want.

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