Flood Escape 2 Codes: Valid, Active, Expired

In the development of this article we will learn about the Flood Escape 2 codes, so you can apply them in the game and know which ones are expired and which ones are still working. So we invite you to continue reading.


Flood Escape 2 Codes

This is a game that was developed by Crazyblok, which aims to navigate through a number of mazes; trying to survive a large number of environmental hazards, which can be from lava, acid and water. In this game, you will have to play with other people and where they will have to work together to activate a series of door switches in time, in order to save you.

It is a survival game where you will have to go through a large number of obstacles to escape a flood, which can cause your death. Where the green buttons help you open the door to escape the flood and the blue button will help you complete the level without power-ups, so you must be aware while playing.

When the player completes a map, there is a final area where the water does not affect them, for this they will receive XP which serve to level up. For each level you pass, each player earns 5 gems, which you can use to customize your character by equipping him in the best way you can so that he can pass the maps.

If you are just learning about this gaming platform that has a large number of games inside, we will leave you the following link How to play Roblox.

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In this second part of this great game you will be able to swim and dive through new levels to make your way. As well as you can level up, buy and customize your character, since this is a 3D game with which you will have to use your skills and your ingenuity to survive.

If you are one of the people who like this game in particular, keep reading because we will give you the codes of Flood Escape 2 which are active and which are not. So that you can apply it while you are playing and you can get to complete the maps without much setback.


Full list

These Roblox Flood Escape 2 codes They are codes that will allow you to exchange it for free coins and gems. Because these codes will allow you to have enough money with which you can buy auras, skins and many other things, which can be very useful during the game.

To get to change these Flood Escape 2 codes It is very simple, for this you just have to open the game and locate the icon of the shopping bag that is in the bottom menu of your screen. For this you have to click there and the store will open.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the code area, that is where you will click and copy the code you are going to use. Then you press the key I enter your keyboard and you will receive the reward and in the event that the code is expired it will not work for you.

Below we present the following codes that are currently available, so that you can use them during your game, which are:

  • 2021goodwill with this code you will earn by exchanging it 100 coins, 50 gems and 1000XP.
  • 4000onTwitter by changing this code you will have 60 coins and 10 gems.
  • WannaSeeMeSpeddRun?
  • finally with this code you get to exchange it for 50 coins and 20 gems.
  • LotsOfItems with this code you will be able to exchange it for 200 coins.
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Expired Flood Escape 2 codes

As in the vast majority of games, there are codes that after a while stop working as is the case flood escape 2 codes That also have codes that are expired, these are:

  • Woa20K.
  • LotsOfItems with this code you managed to change it to get 200 coins.
  • happybirthdayfloodescape2 with which you would get a game anniversary cake.
  • Happy400M by changing this code you could get 100 coins, 30 gems and 1000XP for free.
  • iwannavote with this code you would get to receive 60 coins and 10 free gems.
  • 2021 goodwill.

Flood Escape 2 details

Next we will give you some details that are of great importance to know if you are new to playing this game, which together with the Flood Escape 2 codes they can help you a lot:

  • When the floods come, the water may take time to kill you, but you should try not to fall into the water.
  • When you see acid you have to leave this area as quickly as possible because it kills your character very quickly.
  • The purple acid that is found in the specific map Dark Sci Forest, this acid kills you much faster than normal acid.
  • As for lava, it has two textures but they also kill instantly.
  • The tanks allow players to resist more underwater, but the ones that have a cheaper cost are those that do not help as much while those with 600 gems will allow you to spend more time in the water.
  • As for the types of maps, normal and easys, which is the most recommended for players who are starting to play.
  • Additionally, there is the hard that are difficult maps such as wild savannah and the insane map that are the most difficult maps that are recommended for players from level 23 upwards.
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It is important that you know that these codes can stop working at any time, so when you have knowledge of a new one, try to apply it so that you can enjoy it. I hope it is very useful for you.

If you want to know more information about this game and its Flood Escape 2 codes, we will leave you the following video. That can be of great use to you.

Finally, we can say that if you are interested in this fun game, you can go to the Roblox platform, where you create a username and password so that you can get to play it as many times as you want. And have fun for a while trying to pass the maps and survive.

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