Fallout 4 Commands: How to get money?

In this post we will give you all the information you need about the fallout 4 commands, so you can take your gaming experience to the next level.


How to get infinite money (caps)?

There is a trick to get money in Fallout 4, which allows you to get infinite money. Notes!

The trick is to visit a vendor and buy whatever stock they have of a particular ammo. Once this is done, sell to the same grocer, one by one, the units that you have previously bought. You will always have an extra in your inventory.

From here, sell that remaining magazine, over and over again until your badge balance is satisfactory. You will get as much money as bullets you sell to the merchant.

At the end of this article we leave you a video where it is explained to you, step by step and with examples, how to run this fabulous trick.

General commands

You just have to open the command console and copy the desired code, press “ENTER”, and that's it.

  • TGM : God mode.
  • advlevel: Win 1 level.
  • setlevel [level]: Choose character level.
  • tdm:
  • tcl: Enable no-clip (go through walls).
  • Tim: Buddha mode.
  • tmm 1: Reveal all locations on the map.
  • kill: Kill the NPC objective.
  • or: Disable or enable AI for NPCs.
  • resethealth: Regain life.
  • tdetect: The AI ​​ignores you.
  • modav carryweight [number]: Choose the amount of weight.
  • tcai: Disable or enable combat AI.
  • revive: Resurrect the target NPC.
  • resurrect[ID]: Resurrect the target entity anywhere.
  • kill[ID]: Kill the target entity anywhere.
  • killall: Kill all the NPCs and creatures in the area.
  • caqs: Complete the entire main story.
  • cook qasmoke: Teleport to a room with all the items.
  • coc [cell ID]: Teleport to the indicated cell.
  • getav CA + affinity: See partner affinity.
  • getav CA + affinity [number]: Choose the affinity of the partner.
  • help [text]: View the ID of an object.
  • additem [quantity]: Add item to your inventory.
  • equipment: Equip inventory item.
  • showinventory or player.inv : View the ID of the inventory items.
  • sexchange: Change the sex of your character.
  • advancepcskill [skill]: Increase a skill by one point.
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]: Define minimum jump height.
  • setav speedmult [number]: Define sprint speed multiplier.
  • setScale: Select the size of the target item.
  • getScale: Show the size of the target item.
  • unlock: Unlock any target lock.
  • activate yourself: Activate the object or button.
  • zap: Delete what you are targeting.
  • setownership: Become the owner of the target item.
  • placeatme [quantity] [item]: Create a quantity of items in your position.
  • set timescale to [value]: Define the speed of the passage of time.
  • set gamehour to [time]: Define the time of the game.
  • fov [number]: Define the field of view.
  • tfc: Free camera.
  • getcurrenttime: Show the current playing time.
  • scof [file name]: Send the console commands to the specified file.
  • bat [filename]: Run command list from text file.
  • cl: Clean the console.
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Tricks to get weapons

Here we leave you the list of the Fallout 4 console commands to get weapons:

  • Machine gun: additem 0001F669
  • Fatman: additem 000BD56F
  • Injector: addendum 0014D09E
  • Deathclaw Claw: additem 000D8576
  • Gauss cannon: additem 000D1EB0
  • Hunting rifle: additem 0005BBA4
  • Laser musket: additem 0001DACF
  • Liberty Prime laser: add item 00110414
  • Gamma weapon: additem 000DDB7C
  • cryolator: additem 00171B2B
  • Combat rifle: addendum 000DF42E
  • Combat knife: addendum 000913CA
  • Chinese officer sword: additem 00147BE4
  • Assault rifle: additem 0000463F
  • Alien blaster: additem 000FF995
  • Ripper: additem 000FA2F6
  • Walking stick: additem 000FDC7D
  • Combat shotgun: addendum 0014831C
  • Submachine gun: additem 0015B043
  • Nail Rifle: additem 000FE268
  • Revolutionary sword: additem 00143AB5
  • Servo punch: additem 0011B336
  • Missile launcher: additem 0003F6F8
  • Laser machine gun : player.additem 000E27BC

Commandos Fallout 4: Tricks to get special weapons

  • 2076 World Series Baseball Bat: Addendum E9A43
  • Grognak's Ax: additem 183FCD      
  • Moorish skewer: additem FA2FB
  • Delivery man: additem DC8E7
  • cryolator: addendum 198A16
  • JunkJet: Addendum E942B
  • Kremvh tooth: addendum 22576D
  • Shem Drowne's Sword: add item 238734
  • Ripper: Addendum FA2F6

Commandos Fallout 4: Tricks to get armor

  • Army helmet: add item 00023432
  • Engineer's Armor: additem 000DEDE7
  • Field Scribe Armor: additem 000E370E
  • Bomber Jacket: additem 000E1AF6
  • Flight Helmet: additem 000E1AF8
  • BOS uniform: additem 000DEDEB
  • BOS hood: additem 000E1A39
  • BOS officer uniform: add item 00134294
  • Left arm combat armor: additem 0011D3C7
  • Right arm combat armor: additem 0011D3C6
  • Helmet combat armor: additem 0011E2C8
  • Left leg combat armor: additem 0011D3C5
  • Right leg combat armor: additem 0011D3C4
  • Chest combat armor: additem 0011D3C3
  • Gas mask with goggles: additem 001184C1
  • Hard hat: additem 000F6D86
  • Hazmat suit: additem 000CEAC4
  • Leather: left arm: addendum 0007B9C7
  • Leather: right arm: addendum 0007B9C3
  • Leather: left leg: addendum 0007B9C4
  • Leather: right leg: addendum 0007B9C5
  • Leather: chest: addendum 0007B9C6
  • Road Leathers: addendum 0004A53B
  • Metal left arm: additem 0004B933
  • Right arm metal: additem 000536C1
  • Metal helmet: additem 000787D3
  • Metal left leg: additem 000536C2
  • Metal right leg: additem 000536C3
  • Metal chest: additem 000536C4
  • Raider Power left arm: additem 00140C52
  • Raider Power right arm: additem 00140C53
  • Raider Power helmet: additem 00140C54
  • Raider Power left leg: additem 00140C55
  • Raider Power right leg: additem 00140C56
  • Raider Power chest: additem 00140C57
  • X-01: left arm: additem 00154AC3
  • X-01: right arm additem 00154AC4
  • X-01: helmet: additem 00154AC5
  • X-01: left leg: additem 00154AC6
  • X-01: right leg: additem 00154AC7
  • X-01: chest: additem 00154AC8
  • Long Johns: add item 00019568
  • Railroad Armored Coat Mk V: additem 001BBCB9
  • Winter Jacket and Jeans: additem 00117EB7
  • Synth: left arm: addendum 0018796C
  • Synth: right arm: addendum 0018796E
  • Synth Field: helmet: addendum 0018796A
  • Synth: helmet: add item 00187976
  • Synth: left leg: add item 00187972
  • Synth: right leg: add item 00187970
  • Synth: chest: add item 00187974
  • Vault 111 Jumpsuit - New: additem 000976B7
  • Vault 81 Jumpsuit: addendum 001103A4
  • Covenant Security Armour: additem 00156C0D
  • Institute Lab Coat: additem 0011E7B9
  • Black Institute Lab Coat: addendum 001B350D
  • Blue Institute Lab Coat: addendum 001A5CFD
  • Hooded Cleanroom Suit: additem 00115AEB
  • Surgeon mask: additem 000787DA
  • Lifeguard hat: additem 000F6D87
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If you want to know all the Fallout 4 console commands and get infinite badges, be sure to watch the following video.

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