Fall Guys: cheats and shortcuts for their levels

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Fall Guys is one of the games of the moment, which has already managed to win over millions of users around the world. It is a game that has a sweet and innocent appearance, but the reality is that it is a more complicated game than many expect. Therefore, to be able to advance along it, certain tricks are needed, which make it easier to survive in the face of the madness of being with 59 players like you.

The good news is that there are many tricks that we can use in Fall Guys, thanks to which we can level up or discover shortcuts that will help us in this process. If you are taking your first steps in the game or have certain problems, they will surely help you in your case.

Tips to qualify for levels in Fall Guys

Tricks to pass the level or round in Fall Guys

On every level in the game Is there any tip or trick that will be very helpful to us, so it is convenient to know it, so that it will be much easier for us to level up in the game. They are not usually complicated aspects, but many times we forget to follow that advice or shortcut, making it more complicated than it should be. And we already know that we all want reach the crown of the final.

Door level

At this level it is often tempting to try to get ahead, but this is a mistake, which will make our rivals win. It is important NOT to take the lead, since in the end this is what will be more profitable and will allow us to pass the level without any problem.

By letting others go first, we can see which doors are false and thus go only through those that are real, without accidents or delays, so we know at all times which path we have to follow in our case.

Hex level

Fall Guys Hexagons

This is a level where what we care about is trying to stay as long as possible. So, the best way to do this is to try to jump from one to the other, instead of running over them, because if we try to run over them, we have a better chance of getting knocked out. So skipping helps to stay.

At this level it can be interesting that you have made friends in the game, since you can take advantage of them thinking that you are weaker or that you have a sympathy towards them, to then cut them off and make them fall, thus causing its elimination in Fall Guys. Since it is a complex level, resorting to it is not so far-fetched.

Steal the tail

This level in Fall Guys is one where we have to be careful, but we can find it easier with a couple of simple tips or tricks, which will make it possible for us to pass it without having too many problems. On the one hand, it's good to always look for high ground, as this will help us predict enemy movements. We can see them coming and thus, knowing how to anticipate them, we have an advantage over the enemies.

In addition, you also have to take advantage of obstacles what's on that level. By using them, we can prevent our enemies from chasing us, so we can get out of it with flying colors, so if they chase you, use these obstacles. It is an aspect that we forget when playing, but that can give us the key to go to the next level in Fall Guys.

Racing level

At this level we find shortcuts that we can use, although the important thing to use them is to first see what other players do. Since not all shortcuts will help, but some can harm them. Seeing how other players in Fall Guys use them, we can learn to use them ourselves.

Another important trick in this case it is always running in the direction of the arrows. This may mean that on some occasions we will take a detour, but it will be a safer and less risky way to be eliminated at this level. So in the long run it is something that will help us win.

Team level

Fall Guys team levels

Having to work as a team at this level is not always a positive thing, but you have to know how to play, in order to be victorious at this level, which is the most complicated for many players in Fall Guys. A common tactic in a team is for everyone to go on the attack, in order to defeat the enemy more quickly. If this is done, it is easier for them to steal eggs or score goals.

Therefore, it is important that one defend, stay defending, to prevent this from happening. Therefore, if you see that your team is going to attack, try to be the one who stays in defense, to avoid that they score goals or steal your eggs. It is something that may seem obvious, but it does not happen too much and it is a common failure at this level in Fall Guys.

In addition, try to avoid being on the yellow team by all means at this level in Fall Guys. Online is something already known: being in the yellow team means losing. Therefore, if you end up on that team, you can almost take your defeat for granted at this level, being something very annoying. It is best to avoid falling into such equipment.

General tips for qualifying at all levels

Fall Guys How to qualify

There are not only tips for specific levels of Fall Guys. There are a number of tips that apply to all levels in the game that will help you when you are playing. So it is also convenient to take them into account, in order to progress at a good pace in this title and to be able to go through its levels without any problem.

Finish line

If you are already reaching the finish line, but you are close to being eliminated, a jump and a dive they can give you extra speed that will help you cross that finish line before other users. Although it is important that you do not touch the ground, because landing in a dive is too slow.

Less hopping

Crowds at Fall Guys are a dangerous thing, since when we find ourselves in one, our first instinct is to jump in order to get out of said chaos. Although this is something that is not convenient, since if we jump it is possible that we bounce towards the front of said group, but the usual thing is that we end up hit sideways and fall in the rear of the group. So it is a waste of time, that does not help us to move forward or get out of said crowd.

Platform addresses

Fall Guys platforms

Diving is somewhat slower than running, except in very specific cases, which are often unknown. Because if you have to jump from a large height or a turntable, you will fall. So if you have to jump onto turntables, it is best to do a dive and thus land on his face, because your character is going to get up quickly. It's a simple trick, but one that many users on Fall Guys are unaware of.

Also, when you come across a platform in the game, you must always go in the direction in which it moves. It seems obvious, but many users do not do this thinking that they will be faster this way, because there are times when the shortest route goes in the opposite direction. But in this case, it is faster to turn with the platform and thus reach the destination. You are going to save yourself a lot of problems and falls, preventing your rivals from going to win you.

Intentions of your rivals

Enemy Fall Guys

When playing Fall Guys, it's best to try to get as far away from other players as possible. Not just to avoid crowds, as we've mentioned before, but because you never know what your opponent's intentions are. Maybe the only thing that rival is looking for is to kick you out of the race, so it is important to keep a certain distance, so that you can prevent him from doing something to you.

Moving the camera constantly is something that will also help you in the game. By doing this you will be able to see where your rivals are approaching in the game, being able to avoid them or being prepared. You will also be able to see the obstacles that lie ahead, so you will be safe and you will not have problems in your career.

On the other hand, it's good to watch what your rivals are doing in Fall Guys. There are times when you don't know the path you should follow, but if you look at your rivals, you will see what they do and thus you will be able to know which path you have to follow in your case, in order to move forward. It is also important that you look at which team is the one that is winning, when trying to shorten distances. This is going to help you determine your strategy.

In addition, don't be afraid to use the grip button. This is an action that will slow down other players. At times like when they are about to jump, it is an ideal option, because it can give us a clear advantage by making the rivals slow down, but we keep going.

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