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The editorial team of Trucoteca it's conformed editors specialized in video games and computinga, providing a series of guides and tips to obtain the best result both in games and using computer programs.

We are lovers of technology, and we are here to help you solve any question you have regarding it.

If you have a background in the tech industry and love to play video games completely, we'd love for you to be part of the team. You can use this contact form to write us.


  • Andy Acosta Goya

    Video games have marked my life, like that of many others of my generation. It all started with Super Mario saving Princess Peach, and today I am interested in learning about the lore of Dark Souls. It has been a long road, and with important changes in the way I look at video games. Where many see a "little game", I see the best way to tell a story while achieving immersion. I am a technology lover who likes to enjoy the great titles of this emerging manifestation of entertainment. Don't just see the story, see how they present it to you and how they make you fight for it.

Former editors

  • Pablo Sanchez

    I am a lover of technology in general, with smartphones as my personal interest. I am fascinated by exploring the possibilities that these devices offer, both for leisure and work. Aspiring gamer, constantly trying new games of all genres. I love the variety and challenge that each title represents, from the most classic to the most innovative. I like to share the tricks I discover to those who, like me, enjoy playing. In this blog, you will find my opinions, analysis and recommendations on the games I am trying, as well as tips to improve your gaming experience. I hope you like it and have as much fun as I do.

  • eder esteban

    I am a Marketing graduate from Bilbao, Spain, and currently reside in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Traveling, writing, reading and cinema are my great passions, but I would do none of them if not on an Android device. My fascination with technology led me to become especially interested in mobile phones. I am up to date with the latest trends, features and advancements in the world of mobile devices. Interested in the Google operating system since its inception, I love learning and discovering more about it, day by day.

  • Alvaro Vico Sierra

    Born in Granada and a fan of video games. I love all Street Fighter style fighting games and also platform games. Play Station lover, all the models of Sony's great jewel have passed through my hands.

  • Elena Recio Ramirez

    I studied journalism and audiovisual communication at uc3m. I have always worked as an editor of culture and video game content. I am passionate about working as a team and that is why collaborating on a website like trucoteca I feel like a fish in water.

  • Paula Ruiz-Salazar

    My name is Paula Ruiz Salazar and I am a lover of technology and video games. Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about games, so much so that I have finally oriented my professional career towards writing for game portals such as trucoteca.com

  • Richard Navil Segovia Rojas

    A fan of games since I can remember. I started playing with the Sega Master System and then went through almost all the Play Station models. Also a big fan of eSports.

  • Trucoteca

    Editorial profile Trucoteca.com Here we publish the best tutorials and all the news from the video game and technology sector. You like video games? So trucoteca It is your house.

  • Pedro AM Truquito

    Although my name is Pedro, all my friends know me by the nickname Truquito, since I have always been very skilled at playing video games. Did you also have a friend who beat any game the first time and his friends paid him to advance screens? Well, that was me... it could be Super Mario, Sonic or Alex Kidd himself, there was no screen that could resist me. Shall we play one together?