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EA Sports FC 24 marks the beginning of a new era for the renowned soccer video game franchise of Electronic Arts, following the conclusion of its partnership with FIFA after FIFA 23. This new title, which would be the equivalent of FIFA 24, has captured the attention of virtual football enthusiasts, who are eager to explore the new features and modalities it brings with it. ​.

From trick library we have prepared a very complete guide where you can learn about the main game mechanics as well as the best players for each position and countless tricks that will allow you to improve your skills

Release date

EA Sports FC 24 was officially released on 29th September 2023However, players who pre-ordered certain editions of the game were able to access it a week early, on September 22, 2023​​.

Available Platforms

Players can enjoy EA Sports FC 24 on a variety of platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch​​.

Game modes

game modes fut champions fifa 24


FOOTBALL TIME is a game mode in EA Sports FC 24 that takes the football of the traditional stadiums to the streets, allowing players to experience a more informal version and cultural of sport. This mode focuses on street and indoor soccer, offering a more relaxed and stylish gaming experience compared to more traditional game modes. Here are some key aspects of VOLTA FOOTBALL mode:

Street Game

In VOLTA FOOTBALL, players can compete in street soccer matches on different types of fields and urban environments, which gives a more authentic and local touch to the game.

Small Teams

Matches are generally played with smaller teams, allowing for faster, more personal play.


This mode offers extensive customization options for players and teams. You customize your character y set up your team based on your preferences, including appearance, equipment and skills.

Story Mode and Challenges

VOLTA FOOTBALL includes a history mode and various challenges and objectives which players can complete to earn rewards.

Play with Friends and Squads Mode

You can play with friends or participate in VOLTA Squads mode to compete in teams along with other players.

Levels and Events

Players can level up in VOLTA and participate in events specials to earn exclusive rewards.

Transfers and Team Creation

Players are also allowed make signings y create your own team to compete in different challenges.

Tactics and Strategies

learn and apply tactics effective is crucial for win matches in VOLTA FOOTBALL.

FOOTBALL TIME in EA Sports FC 24 offers a unique and diverse gaming experience that deviates from traditional football, providing a mix between street football culture and virtual competition.

Get your friends together and participate in Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL, which now allows cross-play. This mode also introduces a new Club season format that culminates in playoffs, and PlayStyles for a more realistic gaming experience.

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Ultimate Team

Although the game has been criticized for its focus on Ultimate Team mode, the innovations in this aspect have been welcomed, allowing players Build teams with male and female players for the first time since the introduction of this mode. 

In this mode, players can create and manage your own teamUsing player cards that they can acquire through packages or in the transfer market. The cards represent real players and each has specific attributes and skills based on the player's actual performance in the sport.

Here's a breakdown of how Ultimate Team mode works in general:

Team Building

Players start with a basic team and can Improve your squad by acquiring new player cards, whether by purchasing them with in-game currencies, earning them through challenges, or purchasing packs with in-game currencies or real money.

Transfer Market

Players can buy and sell player cards on an online transfer marketplace, allowing for an active player economy where card values ​​can fluctuate based on demand and the player's actual performance in the sport.

Challenges and Competitions

Players can Participate in various challenges and competitions to earn additional rewards, which may include in-game currencies, card packs, and other items. These competitions can be both online and offline and can range from tournaments to leagues and cups.


The players also have a great number of customization options for your team, including the choice of uniforms, team badges and stadiums.

Team Management

Players must manage aspects such as Training, tactics and team chemistry to ensure your equipment performs well in the field. The team chemistry can be improved ensuring that players on the team have connections based on factors such as nationality or the league in which they play.

Player Evolution

Some games allow evolution of player cards through completing certain challenges or performing in competitions, which can improve a player's attributes.


This mode is known for its monetization model, where players can choose to Spend real money to purchase card packs and upgrade your equipment faster.

El ultimate team mode has been so praised for its depth and replayability as criticized for its monetization model, which some players consider pay-to-win.

Players in EA Sports FC 24

players ea sports 24

In EA Sports FC 24, the Diversity and quality of players available to teams is one of the most attractive features of the game. Each position on the field has outstanding players who can make the difference in any game. Below is a description of the players according to their position on the field, with links to more details on the best players at each position:

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The best goalkeepers They are essential to keeping the goal safe, with outstanding skills in saves, reflexes and positioning.


A solid defensive line is crucial to the success of any team. The best defenses They have excellent ratings in marking, clearing and tackling.

Left and Right Backs

The best left backs y derechos They are essential to provide support both in defense and attack on the flanks.

Power plants

The best centers They are characterized by their strength, agility and ability to intercept the ball.


Since the defensive midfielders until the offensive, each type of midfielder plays a crucial role in controlling the pace of the game and creating scoring opportunities.


The best forwards y center forwards They are responsible for converting opportunities into goals with their fine finishing and shooting skills.


Both left ends as derechos They are vital to overwhelm the flanks and create dangerous situations.

Each player in EA Sports FC 24 has a unique set of attributes and skills that reflect your playing style in reality. Choosing the right players for your team based on their strengths and weaknesses is crucial to succeed in the game, whether in individual matches or online competitions. Furthermore, the variety of players available allows gamers experiment and enjoy different styles of play and tactics, contributing to the immersive and exciting experience that EA Sports FC 24 offers.

EA Sports FC 24 Tricks: Master the Technique

ea sports 24 tricks


In EA Sports FC 24, meet a variety of tricks and techniques can significantly improve your game and give you a advantage over your opponents. Here are some useful tricks that could help you master various aspects of the game, from ball handling to the execution of advanced tactics:

  1. Regattas: Master the art of do dribble It is crucial to advance up the field and evade defenders.
  2. Chilean: Learn how to make a chilena can be a spectacular way to score in difficult situations.
  3. Long Distance Shots: The goals from long distance They can be surprising and effective if executed correctly.
  4. Effective Defense: Implement strategies to defend better It will help you keep your goal safe.
  5. Original Stops: Learn how make original stops to avoid goals.
  6. Effective Tactical Changes: Carry out effective tactical changes At the right moment it can change the course of a match.
  7. Rehearsed Plays: Practice rehearsed plays to surprise your opponent and create scoring opportunities.
  8. Unstoppable Free Kicks: The technique for make unstoppable free throws can be a valuable asset in free throw situations.
  9. Take out of corner: Learn how to take a corner can indeed result in scoring opportunities.
  10. Counter attacks: The strategy for make counterattacks effective can be crucial to scoring goals in quick transitions.
  11. Effective High Pressure: Apply a effective high pressure can help win the ball back quickly and create attacking opportunities.
  12. Set Piece Plays: The set pieces They are crucial moments that can be taken advantage of to score or create danger.
  13. Take Penalties: To dominate how to take penalties It can be the difference between winning or losing in critical situations.
  14. Take out the goalkeeper: Know how to take out the goalkeeper At the right time you can prevent a certain goal from the opponent.
  15. Call a Second Player: The tactic of call a second player can be useful for retaining possession or creating new passing lanes.
  16. Original Celebrations: Learn how to make original celebrations Add a fun and personal touch to every goal you score.
  17. Pass into the Hollow: The pass into the hole It is a valuable tool for breaking down well-organized defenses and creating clear scoring opportunities.
  18. shot with effect: A effect shot Well executed it can surprise the goalkeeper and result in a spectacular goal.
  19. To run faster: Know how to run faster It will help you overcome defenders and get to the ball sooner.
  20. Activate Offside: Know how to activate offside It is a defensive strategy that can help thwart the opponent's attacks.
  21. Upload More Players to Attack: Have the tactic of bring more players to the attack can be essential when you are searching for a goal to equalize or win the match.
  22. Move the Barrier: In free kick situations, move the barrier Properly can help block the opponent's shot.
  23. Dribble Feints: The dribble feints They are essential to deceive defenders and find space to advance or shoot.
  24. Feints: Carry out feints Effective shots can help you get past defenders and create scoring opportunities.
  25. rabonas: The technique of make rabonas Adds a level of skill and style to your game, surprising opponents.
  26. Put Body: Learn how to put body It will help you protect the ball from defenders' challenges and maintain possession in critical situations.
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You can find these many and many other technical tricks in FIFA 24. From how make use of VAR but also how to make a hat.

EA Sports FC 24 is a complex game with a wide range of mechanics and strategies that players can explore and master. Whether you're looking to improve your defense, execute more effective offensive tactics, or simply learn new tricks and moves, there are many Resources available to help you improve and enjoy the game more.

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