How to make stairs in Minecraft? All you need to know

How to make stairs in Minecraft

Climbing in Minecraft can be done in different ways, today we will talk about one of them: the stairs. Ladders can be very useful to climb without making a mess or having to make special murumacas, they are usually used in houses or in cave exploration. join me to see how to make stairs in minecraft.

In dissimilar situations we find it necessary climb or climb structures in minecraft. Our character can jump and this is useful on many occasions. We can also go chopping the structure that we climb to enable us to climb. Another possibility is to be jumping and leaving blocks under our characters, so we would go up little by little.

Minecraft is a game that has achieved remarkable fame in recent years, winning the love of millions of people. It would be risky to say that there is another video game of which more have been made. streams on YouTube or Twitch. And it is that Minecraft offers many possibilities that facilitate the creativity of users, it also has hundreds of mods that turn the game into a totally different one.

But let's not get tangled up anymore, let's finally see how to make stairs in our beloved mineral game: Minecraft.

What types of stairs can be made in Minecraft?

In this game you can do two types of stairs.


How to make stairs in Minecraft

Ladders are the ones that can be placed perpendicular to the ground and are used to climb a wall or slope. These are the classic stairs that come to mind when we think of functional stairs from a video game. Have very useful if you are collecting minerals in underground spaces or if you want to climb a straight wall.

house stairs

how to make minecraft house stairs

By "house stairs" we refer to the steps on which we can walk comfortably, they are usually made of rock and similar materials. Usually this type of stairs is emulated simply by placing lines of blocks that are higher and higher, but it is not the same. The stairs at home give a special and elegant touch to your home, they are much more comfortable and beautiful.

Well, as we have already seen, there are two very different types of stairs in Minecraft. Each style has a very different function and utility, avoid interchanging them. A home ladder would be very cumbersome to place in a mine, plus it would be an unnecessary waste of time. Whereas a stepladder would ruin the look of your house, and it wouldn't be very comfortable.

How to make ladders in Minecraft?

How to craft in Minecraft - Softonic

Let's start with the ladders, to make them you are going to need 7 sticks, it is the only ingredient. Let's see everything you would have to do to get the clubs, step by step.

  1. First things first, go to the forest to cut some trees, with your hand you can do it, but with an ax will be much faster.
  2. Turn the logs you get into wooden blocks.
  3. With every 2 blocks of wood you can make 4 sticksTherefore, you will need at least 4 wooden blocks.
  4. Arranging the wooden blocks on the workbench (or in the inventory) consists of putting one above the other. And you already have your sticks.

That's how you get the clubs, but what do you have to do next? whatHow do you turn the sticks into a ladder? That is what I plan to explain to you next.

  1. Open the work table.
    • If you don't have the artboard done:
      • Obtain 4 wooden blocks, with these you can craft the work table from your inventory.
  2. Place the 7 suits so that you only leave the top center and bottom center squares unoccupied.
  3. And that's it, you will get 3 “blocks” of stairs. Remove it from the product box to add it to your inventory.

Some interesting uses of the ladder are:

  • They can stop your falls, no matter how high it is, while preserving the character's life.
  • They can let you breathe underwater (just like the doors). This can be a great trick when you are doing something at the bottom of the sea and you need to stay there for a long time, or you just can't get out.

Thanks to these properties, it could be a great idea to always carry some stairs with you, they can free you from a bind. Apart from the ways already mentioned, it is a great idea for its original function, mainly when you want to climb long distances. A valid trick is to go picking up the stairs that you are passing, so you make sure to always maintain resources.

How to make house stairs in Minecraft?

How to make stairs in Minecraft

The stairs at home are the best if you want to convey the feeling of an elegant and fine place. And it's not just the looks, what really makes it worth it is its comfort and being able to walk through them as if you were walking for a flat surface.

This type of stairs is a little better than a stepladder if we are talking about improving our house. But it's a hell of a lot better than a rudimentary ladder made up of crude blocks.

Let's see how to make the staircase at home.

  1. create a peak on the work table.
  2. Get rock with the pickaxe, get at least 6 rock blocks. For every 6 rock blocks, you can create 4 “ladder blocks”.
  3. Go to the workbench, and place the rocks so that cover the bottom row, right column, and center square.
  4. And voila, you can remove the steps from the product box to place them where you like.

It should be said that your ladder can be made of many different materials, rock is just one example.

As we have mentioned, the stairs at home are a functional element, but also a decorative one, so it is no coincidence that they can be made of many different materials.

And you already know everything about stairs, and how to make them, please let me know in the comments what kind of stairs you use the most. If this information has been useful to you, take a tour of the blog, we talk a lot about Minecraft, among other games.

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