How to copy and paste on the mobile phone

How to copy and paste in mobile phone. If you are used to working on your PC, you have probably already used the "Copy and paste" function many times. Now, however, you work more and more often from your mobile phone and would like to know how to use this function. I guessed it? So know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In the following paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain in detail How to copy and paste on mobile phone.

I guarantee it is not difficult to do: you just need to know how to access the functions that allow you to select the text present in a document or web page, copy it and finally paste it. The same goes for images.

How to copy and paste on Android mobile phone

Will copy and paste on a mobile phone with Android ? I guarantee it is not difficult to do: just select the text you want to paste, copy it, open the application you want to paste it in, tap and hold the text field present in the latter and paste it using the appropriate function.

To continue, therefore, locate the text of your interest and select it. To do this, hold your finger on a word to highlight it and use the two cursors that appear on the screen to move back and forth in the text.

At this point, after selecting all of the text to copy and paste, tap the command copy In the menu that opens, start the application where you want to paste the text that you copied a moment ago (eg. notes, Whatsapp, wordetc.), touch and hold your finger on the screen until the menu appears and touch the command Catch To complete the operation.

You can also perform the same operation for graphic content, therefore images, present in many documents and web pages. Just select them, make a long touch on them, select the item copy from the menu that opens and then paste them wherever you want.

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How to copy and paste on iPhone

Use a iPhone And you don't know what to do to be able to copy and paste text? Basically, you should follow the same steps that I indicated in the Android chapter.

Select the text of your interest, copy it using the appropriate function, go to the application in which you are interested in pasting it and continue in this direction. Find everything explained below.

To get started, locate the text you want to copy and paste into another document, select it by keeping your finger pressed on a word, and move between the text by dragging with your fingers two blue cursors that appear on the screen. Then select the item copy from the menu that opens.

If your iPhone screen has technology Touch 3D, you can select and copy the text of a document using this hardware function that is present in the following models of Apple mobile phones: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max.

To select the text to copy and paste using the 3D Touch, go to the document of your interest, touch the text to display the keyboard iOS, press harder on the keyboard, take some pressure off the screen, press hard again on the keyboard and slide your finger to the left or right (always on the keyboard), to select the part of the text that interests you.

To copy the selected text, then press the item copy present in the menu that opens.

If your iPhone does not have 3D Touch and is updated to iOS 12 (or later versions), you can also select the text in another way. Long press on the space Present on the keyboard and move your finger over the last one to go to the point in the document from which to start the selection.

Then move your finger on the keyboards and, when you have finished selecting the text of your interest, release your finger and select the voice copy from the menu that opens (in some cases, it may be necessary to touch the selection to see the option appear).

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After selecting and copying the text of your interest, start the application in which you want to paste it (eg. Whatsapp, notes, word, etc.), tap anywhere in the displayed text field and select the option Catch from the menu that opens. You can also follow the same steps to copy and paste images. Simple truth?

How to manage the mobile clipboard

Would you like to find a way to manage mobile clipboard ?

There are many Free which can be useful for this purpose that can allow you to manage the content you copy on Android and iOS.

However, be aware that clipboard monitoring, if performed by third-party applications, could pose a potential privacy risk. If, for example, you copy confidential data, it is in fact processed by the application, with all of the following.

Clipboard Actions and Administrator (Android)

If you have a cell phone Android, I suggest you manage the clipboard with Clipboard Actions and Manager, a free app that lets you manage your notes while keeping all the items that are copied to your device.

After installing and starting Clipboard Actions & Manager, tap the button A cept to accept the conditions of use of the application and press on the wording Enable background to allow its operation in the background (it should not affect the autonomy of the battery).

At this point, all the elements that you will copy following the procedure that I have indicated in one of the previous chapters, will be automatically stored in Clipboard Actions & Manager.

When you touch the copied content and display it on the main screen of the application, the menu will appear containing the options that allow you to share the copied text, search for it, translate it, copy it again, etc. Interesting, right?

Copied (iPhone)

If you have a iPhone, you can manage the clipboard using Copied : a free and easy to use application.

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An advanced version is also available, which costs 3.49 euros, and a version for Mac, which costs 8.99 euros (by buying the two paid versions of Copied you can access additional functions, such as the one that allows you to synchronize the notes between your mobile devices and your Mac).

However, iOS does not allow any application to act in the background to monitor the copied notes: with Copied you can simply save and organize them in an orderly manner.

After installing and launching Copy on your Apple mobile phone, tap the button continue, Press the button yes To allow the application to automatically save new copied items to the clipboard, choose one of the methods to save the notes between the proposals (eg. Today's widget, Share action sheet, etc.) and play the voice later to close the ad that advertises the paid version of Copy.

The operation of the application is somewhat simple: after copying an element (be it a text, an image, a link, etc.), it will be automatically saved in the application. To share it with other users and / or modify it, touch it, press the button share located in the upper right and select one of the options to share among the available ones. Simpler than that?

How to copy and paste to Facebook from your mobile phone

Would you be interested to know How to copy and paste in Facebook from your mobile phone?

Actually, there is not much to explain about it, since you have to follow practically the same instructions that I have given you in the chapters on Android and iPhone.

In order to be successful, in fact, simply select the text that interests you (it could be the one present in a link, a post, a comment, etc.) and press the item copy (o Copy publication / Copy link ).

Then go to your Facebook profile (or, if you prefer, in the application where you want to paste the copied content), hold your finger on the text field on the screen that is displayed and select the item Catch from the menu that opens.

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