How to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a life simulation game in which the player assumes the role of an inhabitant on an island inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The objective is build and customize your own island, interact with the characters, and perform various activities such as fishing, catching bugs, decorating, and collecting items. The game works on real time, which means that the weather in real life affects the game. Special events and regular updates add new features and items to the game. The game encourages creativity, exploration, and connection with other players. Today we will discover how to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing.

This game has been very successful for several reasons. First, it offers a relaxing gaming experience y reassuring that allows players to escape from everyday life and immerse themselves in a virtual world. Additionally, the ability to customize your own island and connect with other players online has been a huge draw to the gaming community. Additionally, the game's release at a time when many people were looking for ways to distract themselves and stay connected online due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to its success.

How to get iron nuggets in animal crossing?

To get iron nuggets you can use the following methods:

  • Collect branches and stones: Use your ax or your shovel to collect branches and stones that you find on your island.
  • "X" markings on the ground: Use your shovel to dig up the «X» marks that you see on the floor of your island. Underneath them, you will find iron nuggets.
  • Visit islands of Nook Miles: Buy a ticket at the airport and visit a random island. Once on a new island, repeat the previous method.
  • ask your neighbors: Talk to your neighbors and ask them for iron nuggets. They can give you some in exchange for something else or just give it to you as a gift.
  • Buy in store: If you don't have any luck finding iron nuggets on your island, you can buy them at Timmy and Tommy's shop.

You will need iron nuggets to create tools and buildings on your island. Let's look at the items that are created with iron nuggets.


Recipes for items that carry iron nuggets

  • Iron ax
  • Iron shovel
  • iron watering can
  • iron work table
  • iron chair
  • iron table
  • iron cabinet
  • iron bed
  • iron bench
  • iron lamp
  • iron stove
  • iron wall clock
  • iron shelf
  • iron tool rack
  • Iron sculpture
  • iron garden bench
  • iron safe
  • iron dining table
  • iron dining chair
  • iron garden chair
  • iron picnic table
  • Iron floor lamp
  • iron tool cabinet
  • iron ladder
  • Iron door
  • iron fence
  • iron workbench
  • iron bathtub

Animal Crossing New Horizons rocks with berries

Keep in mind that all these objects they carry more ingredients besides the iron nuggets. You should also know that you will discover a large part of the recipes as you progress through the game.

Where can I find iron nuggets in Animal Crossing?

iron nuggets they can be found on the rocks of your island. Every day, you will have the opportunity to hit the rocks with a shovel or an ax to obtain resources such as iron nuggets, stones, clay and building materials.

To find the iron nuggets, you must hitting rocks repeatedly with an ax or shovel. Each rock typically produces between 1 and 3 iron nuggets. It's important to put attention on rocks can only be hit once per day, so we recommend you hit all the rocks on your island every day to get maximum resources.

Additionally, you can also buy Iron Nuggets from the Nook Shop for 375 Bells each, but it's better to get them from the rocks on your island to save money.

Remember that some recipes require more than one iron nugget, so make sure you have enough before you start building. Have fun exploring your island and collecting iron nuggets to create tools and decorative items!

The most common mistakes when collecting iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how to avoid them

Animal Crossing New Horizons tarantulas

Although collecting iron nuggets is fairly straightforward, there are some common mistakes that players can make. Next, we present you some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Hitting the rocks too fast: If you hit the rocks too fast, you may not get all the iron nuggets you could have. To avoid this bug, make sure you hit the rocks slowly and in a consistent pattern for maximum resources.
  • Not hitting the rocks in the right place: In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each rock has a weak point in which you must hit it to get the most resources. If you don't hit the rock in the right place, you might lose some iron nuggets.
  • Not using the right tool: To collect iron nuggets, you must use a shovel or an ax. If you use another tool, you will not be able to get iron nuggets.
  • Don't eat before you hit the rocks: When you hit rocks, your character moves backwards after each hit, which can cause you to lose valuable time. If you eat a fruit before hitting the rocks, your character will have enough strength to hit the rock multiple times without moving back.. In this way, you will be able to obtain more resources in less time.
  • Don't hit all the rocks on your island: Every day, there is a rock on your island that produces additional resources, such as iron nuggets. If you don't hit all the rocks on your island each day, you may miss out on getting additional resources. Make sure you hit all the rocks on your island each day to get maximum resources.

And that's all, I hope I've been useful. You already know how to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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