How to set up tatsumaki discord?

How to configure tatsumaki discord? usually If you have or maybe you have processed for a computer of Discord, the user has been because it is definitely in your interest to put 'bots' on it. Particularly if your participation is in such a way that it is moderately active in large squads, It is quite feasible to use it.

That is why and consequently, that through this post we will show you certain generalities that are expected to be supportive at the moment that the user wants to make the ´tatsumaki configuration for discord´.

How does setting up tatsumaki discord work?

It is well known that bots from ´discord´ They will serve for the execution of automation of the work and commitments for those who will exercise the role of moderators: it constitutes the touch in any staff that is being a founder, expanding or establishing itself, with the inclusion of adhered instruments for multimedia, in a measured way establishing the rankings challenges to internal level.

1.- What can be created by applying Tatsu bot for Discord

  • For XP, in their different levels and Popularity: The user will be able to receive incentives for activities on his ´Discord´ server, consenting to the members to win by XP and its different steps established as a system for levels visual and interesting to apply..
  • For the popularity system it will allow members to choose other members of their designation. Therefore, this reputation will be prominently featured in active profiles.
  • Considerations for identification: In this particular, the currency that presents a credit design allows all members to acquire identifications through commands such as ´t! Profile and t! Rank´.

So that members can get to personalize their profile and category screens by adding information by making modifications.

  • Ability to configure your bot for your computer.  Modifying how Tatsu´´ is supported to accommodate the server. Configuring the ´messages that are given for the welcome´As notification, channels that the bot will bypass and various customizable choices.
  • Selection: Promotes internal voting to make decisions on issues, creating more constant polls for appointments and initiating the
  • Composition:: Examine external situation, googling the word from ´Urban Dictionary & AniList´, all starting at
  • Sorting: Establishes the list of everything and it constitutes the notes on a personal level to guide what would be the digital life.
  • Endless variety of nice things: Promote amateur jokes with recreated dispositions. Manifest images that are random for subnets with 't! Image'. Reformers of the texts, random, other commands for the facts and availabilities.
  • Minigames: Distinguish obtaining cylinder fishing in prizes that are fun, or in case of caring for virtual pets.
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  2.- Tatsumaki Discord bot for your server

The user will proceed to Join 'Tatsu´ beginning to enjoy its benefits as well as learning the use of all its commands that it possesses in its systematic handling. So Tatsumaki, being a  muzzle well packed with various functions which cover starting from the fun, useful and safe part to use.

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