How to update Xbox 360

How to update Xbox 360. You have discovered that a new software update is available for your Xbox 360 but you don't know how to install it? Don't have a connection to Internet But do you want to keep your Xbox 360 up to date?

In today's tutorial, I will explain how to update xbox 360 in various ways, even without an active Internet connection. As a final result, you will be able to get the latest version of Microsoft's console firmware and be able to play the latest titles released on the market without the slightest problem.

How to update Xbox 360 firmware

Keep the Xbox 360 firmware Up-to-date is very important as it allows you to keep your data safe and play games. best games available for the Microsoft console.

The easiest way to do this is to connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet and download updates through Xbox Live.

First Steps

Before going into details about how to update xbox 360, I think it is of fundamental importance to explain what you need to do this.

Well the only requirement you need is that the console be connected to Internet. To do this, you just have to press the button Xbox the controller, go to the tab adjustments and select the item System settings.

At this point, press the pad button -> Network settings and choose if you want to continue with Wired network (i.e. through a Ethernet cable) or using a Wireless network (In this case, you must press the name of the network and enter the corresponding access code).

In the event that you choose the latter option, depending on which Xbox 360 model you have, you may need to purchase a network adapter .

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Once you have selected the type of connection you want, you can choose the item Configure network to manage settings related to IP adress and DNS server.

However, in general, these settings are already configured correctly by the console automatically.

You have now successfully configured your console to access the Internet and can proceed with the firmware update!

How is Xbox 360 updated?

Once Xbox is configured for access to the Internet (and therefore to the platform Xbox Live ), I would say you are ready to proceed with the firmware update.

To do this, press the button Xbox the controller and select the item adjustments y System settings of menu

At this point, access the Network settings > Wired network o Wireless network, depending on the type of connection you are using.

After that, press with the controller above Check your connection to Xbox Live and, if prompted, select yes to update the console software.

Perfect: The Xbox 360 will start the update procedure this way and you will only have to wait a few minutes for everything to complete successfully.

Without Internet

You don't have an internet connection, but do you want to update your Xbox 360 anyway? No problem, I'll explain how to do it right away.

First, try to insert the into your console's reader the game disc most recent one. You just need a simple online search to understand when a title came out on the market.

In some cases, in fact, the game disc contains the latest Xbox 360 firmware update, and therefore when inserting the media into the console, a message appears asking to install the update.

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In this case, all you have to do is press the controller button in the article yes and wait for the Xbox update.

If you don't have recent games that include updates for Xbox 360, you can update your console using a USB or CD /DVD.

If you want to update your Xbox 360 through a USB, linked to the official Microsoft website from any navigator to browse the Internet and, if prompted, press the item Save to download the file containing the console firmware update.

Note the fact that the flash drive USB must be in the format FAT32.

Once the download is complete, open the file and extract the contents into the main folder of the USB (Ex. E: ). .

Once done, connect the stick to one of the doors xbox360usb and restart the console. As soon as Xbox 360 turns on, you will find a message asking you to update the console firmware: select the item yes to achieve your goal.

In case you want, instead, use a CD or DVD, you need to connect to the official Microsoft website and press the button Save, in case it is requested. Once the download is complete, open the file obtained and extracts the contents in any folder.

After that, you will have to Record the file obtained on any CD or DVD in white.

When the recording is complete, insert the CD / DVD into the Xbox 360 player and restart the console. Once it is turned on again, you will find a message inviting you to install the latest version of the software: select the item yes to update your console.

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How to update Xbox 360 games

Xbox 360 also allows you update games, taking advantage of the Internet connection. To connect your console to the Internet, you can follow the instructions I have provided in the chapter dedicated to preliminary operations. Once you do that, insert game disc you want to update on the console and press the controller button in the article yes, to start downloading the latest version of the title.

As for digitally downloaded games, when you take a game from Xbox Live it is already updated to the latest available version and updates are automatically verified every time this is done.

To see the download status of an update, all you have to do is press the button Xbox pad, move to tab Games and applications from the Xbox menu and select the item Active downloads.

There is also the possibility to update the games through USB, copying the appropriate files into the HDD for Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, however, updates of this type are not released directly by Microsoft, and I therefore discourage the use of this method.