Cheats Eternal Starlight VR PC

Cheats Eternal Starlight VR for PC

Eternal Starlight VR is a VR narrative exploration game for PC developed and published by Dayinto Games. The player assumes the role of an astronaut lost in space. The main objective of this game is to rebuild the scaffolding of the spaceship.

If you want to get all the advantages of Eternal Starlight VR for PC, here are the best tricks you can use to get a unique gaming experience:

Adjust field of view

An easy way to adjust the field of view in the game is to change the size of your console screen. This can be done from the settings menu, where you can also change the game mode to customize your experience.

Use tutorial mode

Tutorial mode is a great way to improve your skills in Eternal Starlight VR for PC. There are plenty of YouTube videos available to help you better understand how to progress through the game and overcome challenges.

Take advantage of the discoveries

Eternal Starlight VR for PC is a highly exploratory game. You can discover many items that will help you complete certain missions and challenges. Be sure to collect as much as you can along your trip. Additionally, some objects can provide extra energy to prevent the blackout, so don't forget to look for them.

cyber skills

In Eternal Starlight VR for PC, you will have the opportunity to unlock cybernetic abilities to enhance your gaming experience. These include:

  • warrior mode: Increases damage and health regeneration.
  • stealth mode: allows you to move faster and quieter.
  • Survival mode: improves the efficiency of resource consumption.

Make sure to use these cheats to enhance your gaming experience and be more successful in Eternal Starlight VR for PC.

Good luck!

Cheats Eternal Starlight VR for PC

Eternal Starlight VR for PC offers an exciting virtual reality experience where you can challenge enemies, create your own adult puzzles and go on an amazing adventure to save the world. If you want to perfect your way of playing Eternal Starlight VR for PC, here are some tricks that will help you:

Unlock all the puzzles

To unlock all the remaining puzzles, go to the Advanced game settings and make sure the checkbox Allow puzzles unlocked by default is marked as active.

Modify control settings

If you want to customize the control settings of Eternal Starlight VR for PC, go to the Advanced game settings, then the option Controller Settings for Daydream, Click on Edit settings and finally, modify the settings to suit your preferences.

Access Quick Play Mode

To start Quick Play Mode, go to the Advanced game settings and check the box Requires Quick Play Mode as active. This way, you can enjoy the accelerated version of the game without having to worry about time.

Improve enemy AI

To increase the artificial intelligence of enemies, go to the Advanced game settings. In the section Enemy AI Adjust different options such as speed, damage resistance and skills to improve the difficulty of the game.

Some extra tips to improve your game

  • Make sure you know the environment. Explore the environment of Eternal Starlight VR for PC to get the most out of the settings and find points that can be used to your advantage.
  • Use tactical movement combos. Combine various tactical moves to defeat enemies easier and make your game more fun.
  • Eliminate obstacles. Use your king to destroy the walls and clear the path to victory.
  • Find new weapons. Collecting new weapons will improve your attack and help you survive longer on the battlefield.

Now is your turn! Arm your best tricks and equipment, and start your adventure to save the world. Remember, with practice and a little imagination, you'll be the best Eternal Starlight VR player on PC!

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