Cheats for PC

Cheats for PC

Get into the game with these cheats!

周松传 PC is an adventure video game set in the Ming Dynasty era, set in a story of magic and mystery. If you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, keep an eye on these tricks.

Improve your skill with tricks

  • Move faster: Instead of using the mouse to move through the environment, you can use the arrow keys for easier movement. This can be very useful if you need to move quickly to avoid an enemy.
  • Earn money: If you find lost items around the world you can earn additional rewards. This will often get you a lot more money than killing enemies, so make sure you keep an eye out for them.
  • Gain experience: By completing the challenges of each level, you can earn additional experience points. This will help you level up faster.

Use the codes to maximize your experience

周松传 PC también ofrece códigos especiales que te permiten desbloquear contenido extra. Estos códigos sólo se pueden usar una vez, pero permiten Conseguir habilidades, vidas adicionales y más:

  • Extra Lives: Use the code LOST para Conseguir vidas extra.
  • Additional currencies: Use code GOLDEN COINS para Conseguir monedas adicionales.
  • free skills: With the code FREE SKILLS You can unlock extra skills.

Use these cheats and codes to improve your game on 周松传 PC!

Cheats for PC

Basic tips

  • Change character appearance: Press the ENTER key and then press the C key. This will allow you to change the appearance of your character.
  • First person view: Press the F key to activate first person view.
  • Repeat last action: Press the M key to repeat your last action.

advanced tricks

  • Skip a part of dialogue: Press the N key to skip a part of the character's dialogue.
  • Change the objects: Press the F key and then press the W key to switch objects.
  • Increase the standard of living: Press the F key and then press the H key to increase the level of life.

Use these tricks to get the most out of 周松传 PC!

Cheats for PC

周松传 PC is a beautiful first person action adventure inspired by ancient Chinese culture. This adventure that was designed specifically for PC introduces you to a fantasy landscape filled with mythical creatures, ancient magic, and evil enemies. Below we will share some useful tricks to improve your adventure.

Basic tips

  • Tiger Strike – Press the J key to perform a tiger strike in close combat.
  • Look deep – Press the K key to perform a ranged attack.
  • Increases energy – Presiona la tecla L para Conseguir más energía.
  • React quickly – Press the M key for quick attacks.

advanced tricks

  • Change armor – Press the N key to change armor.
  • Group Attack – Press the O key to attack in a group.
  • Summon the Spirit – Press the P key to summon the dragon spirit.
  • Heal your life – Press the Q key to recover life.
  • Special Move – Press the R key to perform a special attack.

Remember that with the help of these free tricks, you will be able to improve your gaming experience to take your adventure to the next level. We hope these tricks will be useful for you to enjoy your adventure through ancient Chinese culture. Have fun!

Tricks 周松传 for PC

PC gamers now have the chance to enjoy the fantastic action game 周松传. This adventure transports you to a world full of adventure and danger, and to navigate it successfully, here are some tricks that will help you along your journey:

Cheat List

  • Unlock Characters: Press A B C D E at the same time to unlock your favorite characters.
  • Super strength: Enter the code 1337 to get a massive increase in your strength.
  • More Levels: Enter the code unlockAll to unlock all the secret levels of the game.
  • Unlimited Coins: Use code Kaching to add unlimited coins to your inventory.

So use these tricks to perform better during your adventure, and defeat your enemies and save the kingdom from 周松传 from the clutches of the forces of evil.

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