Best Extremes by price in EA Sports FC 24

In the constant search for excellence in EA Sports FC 24, choosing the right players is essential. The ends They play a crucial role, providing speed and technical skill that can be decisive. Here we present a complete guide to selecting the best extremes in different price ranges, from affordable 4,000 up to a million coins.

Economic Extremes (4,000 – 14,000 Coins)

  1. Raphinha: At a modest price of 4,000 coins, Rafa shines for his balance and dribbling skills. Its low cost makes it an ideal option for teams with tight budgets. For a broader look at options in this position, check out our guide on the best right wingers in EA Sports FC 24.
  2. Kingsley Coman: For approximately 10,000 coins, Coman offers outstanding speed and technical ability. His ability to play on both wings adds flexibility to any formation.
  3. Musa Diaby: A 14,000 coins, Diaby stands out for his impressive speed and dribbling ability, ideal for dismantling rival defenses.

Extreme Mid-Range (16,000 – 75,000 Coins)

  1. Hirving Lozano: costing 16,000 coins, Lozano is known for his speed and versatility to play on both wings. His ability to change the pace of the game makes him a valuable piece on any team.
  2. Berardi: At a cost of 30,000 coins, Verardi offers an approach more focused on shooting than speed, providing an interesting tactical variant. To complement your strategy on the field, don't miss our guide to the best midfielders for price.
  3. Conclusion: For 75,000 coinsSon isn't particularly fast, but his finishing ability and shooting effectiveness make him a solid choice for the wing.
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High End Extremes (100,000 – 1,000,000 Coins)

  1. Ousmane Dembélé: Although his shot is not the best, Dembélé, with a value of 100,000 coins, is recommended for formations that emphasize wing play.
  2. Carolin Graham Hansen: A star of the Barcelona women's team, Hansen costs 850,000 coins and stands out for its exceptional ability and five stars in skills.
  3. Vinicius junior: Priced at 1 million coins, Vinicius Junior is one of the most sought-after wingers, combining astonishing speed with superior dribbling ability and finishing.

The choice of extremes in EA Sports FC 24 It depends on your playing style and budget. While players like Rafa and Coman offer great value for a lower cost, stars like Vinicius Junior and Carolin Graham Hansen can transform your team. Make sure your selection aligns with your overall strategy and your team's needs. For a deeper understanding of the game, we invite you to explore our complete guide to EA Sports FC 24. Happy team building!

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