9 best “Where's Wally” style Android games

where's wally

Where's Wally was a Very original book series that reached its popularity in the early 90's. Its plot was simple, but interesting, since you had to find the character among a multitude of objects, which was a challenge. Thanks to the success of the series, Wally, its protagonist, has become a very popular character over the years.

As expected, today There are numerous titles similar to this popular series. So much so that we can find them physically or digitally, both for children and adults. If you're a Wally fan like us, stick around to see a selection of Android games that take ideas from this famous series.

Where is Droid?

where is droid

Droid has stood out for years, for being the Android operating system mascot, and this time we can play with him. This is a Where's Wally style game. very simple, in which we must find Droid in the crowd.

The scenarios that we will find in the game are very varied. We can meet at the bottom of the sea, then in the galaxy, the snow, the city and many other places. Everything you will see here will surprise you, since we will see quite popular characters such as superheroes or villains. The game has a very particular design, which makes it very attractive within this category.

[appbox googleplay com.ouestdroidfull]

Secret Island: The Hidden Quest

secret island

The popularity of this game is largely due to its graphic design and its visual style, honoring minimalism and caricature. As is customary in the category, in this game you will have to meet a series of challenges, and find hidden objects on the stage.

We will have to look for fruits, work tools, edible objects…etc. As you discover these objects, you will complete levels, all well timed, to put pressure on your brain.

The scenarios are very varied, we will be in the garden, the city, the kitchen, the living room, among others.

[appbox googleplay com.zerogravity.secret.island.the.hidden.quest]

find objects

Find Objects

Just by reading the title, you can make yourself an idea of ​​what the game is about. Your mission here is simple and clear, you must find lost objects in the scenario, under three levels of difficulty.

On the easiest level, you will encounter few figures on the screen. However, at the most difficult level, it will be practically impossible for you to find your target. The screen will be full of objects, sometimes so small, that they make the search a real challenge..

Like other titles in this category, You will have a timer that will run out during the game, to find out how fast you are. Its artistic design is very colorful and cheerful, which makes the game a great option to pass the time.

It maintains a special characteristic, and that is The coins we earn in the game are used to buy new characters to search for. If you like monsters and have some free time, this is your application.

[appbox googleplay com.xs.findobject]

Find Joe: Hidden Objects

Find Joe

Is a different game within the category, in which we will have to find Joe to help him. We will play a sheriff as the protagonist, and we must collect all the necessary information to find him. The game has an excellent variety of levels, ideal for spending time playing.

You will find mini-games, which will put your brain to work. Set in the 80's, this is one of the best “Where's Wally?” style games on the Play Store.

[appbox googleplay com.mobiloids.findjoe.hiddenobject]

Merge Friends

Merge Friends

This game takes the concept of finding objects to another level, because presents us with a very interesting plot. Merge is the protagonist of our story, who has just arrived in town and bought a store. However, she is she realizes that your neighbors are bankrupt.

Our protagonist's mission will be find the different objects that your neighbors need, in order to help them. Little by little, as you complete the game, you will gain fame and popularity as a bounty hunter.

In this game you will have hundreds of hours of entertainment guaranteed, with a lot of levels, each one more difficult than the last.

[appbox googleplay com.skunkworksgames.mergefriends]

Pearl's Peril

Pearl's Peril

This time, you will be in charge of a private investigator named Peril, which will have to move from one city to another, visiting different countries around the world.

It has a very original design set in the 20's. You will have to carry out different missions, finding objects and relics, with which you will decorate your private island.

You also have the possibility to compete against your friends or strangers, and thus prove who is the best. You will unlock new adventures, each one more complicated than the last.

[appbox googleplay com.wooga.pearlsperil]

Time Machine: Hidden Objects in Spanish

Time Machine Hidden Objects in Spanish

In this game, we will embody a scientific genius who has just built a time machine. Thanks to this, you can go through different eras, finding objects in different places to complete our adventure.

The game is considered an artistic beauty, set in the 19th century, and his visual style is amazing. It also has a very relaxing soundtrack, so you could spend hours playing without any problem.

[appbox googleplay com.crispapp.findinggames.timemachine]

Hidden Objects: The Journey

Hidden Objects: The Journey

If you are passionate about searching for objects, this game will be a fun challenge for you. It has a Unique variety of themed levels that make the game a work of art. It has hidden content, from puzzles, find the differences, puzzles, among other things. It also has several game modes in which to test your skills.

Each level has a amount of very varied objects, which is a challenge for players. Its graphic design is simply great.

[appbox googleplay games.taplab.thejourney]

Dream Detective: Merge Game

Dream Detective Merge Game

It is a quite striking game, in which we delve into a dream universe, perfectly designed, which has more than two hundred scenes. We will see scenarios that stand out for their inspired by Japanese culture, and its gameplay is very fun, ideal for hanging out.

Throughout its multiple levels, we will see how increase the difficulty, something that makes it a fun game for all ages. An excellent game to play anywhere.

[appbox googleplay com.dreammerge.asia]

And that was all, let me know in the comments what you thought of these nine options, and if you are thinking of downloading any of them.

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