Best PREMIER LEAGUE Players by price in EA Sports FC 24

Build a winning team EA Sports FC 24 It implies a deep knowledge of the transfer market. In the Premier League, where competition is fierce, choosing the right players for their price can make the difference between victory and defeat. For a more detailed guide, see our EA Sports FC 24 Guide.


Ramsdale (84 half, 2000 coins): Ideal for those looking for efficiency and savings. Additionally, you can find more affordable archery options in our list of best players in the League by price.

Power plants

Konaté (1000 coins): Excellent option to start, offering good value for money. Discover more central defenders of great value in best centers for price.


Reece James and Tariq Lamptey: James is more defensive, while Lamptey can be an offensive option. The full-backs are crucial, and you can explore more about them in our article on best extremes for price.


Tonali (70,000 coins): A crucial player in the defensive midfield. If you are looking for more options, check out our best midfielders for price.


Rashford (180,000 coins): A fast and effective forward. For more attack options, see our guide to best center forward by price range.

Choosing the right players in EA Sports FC 24 it's an art. Each position requires a different approach, and finding the right balance between quality and cost is key. For more tips on how to upgrade your gear without spending a fortune, don't miss our list of 10 bargains in the transfer market.

We encourage players to share their experiences and suggestions. Are there any Premier League players who deserve to be on this list? Share your opinion and help other players build their ideal team in EA Sports FC 24!

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