The best play store games

Come across a list of that best games of play store sometimes doesn't seem as easy as googling it and voila. The truth is that there are many incredible games and each one of them belonging to different genres.

But today we want to focus on those games of the Play Store that have greater popularity and that have good references in the comments of this store applications. So, without further ado, let's get to what interests us.

The best games in the play store of the moment

1. Leage of Legends: Wild Rift

Just as you are reading in the title of this first game. It is a classic game that has generated thousands and thousands of dollars to players around the world through games on the PC. Only, in this case, he has gone one step further and ventured into the world of mid-range mobiles onwards.

The gameplay, environment, strategies and other factors are very similar to your version of desk. Only in this case it has become part of the best games on the play store

2. Call of Duty Mobile

We move on to another of the games that has had great popularity in the field of computers. And just as through the years it has managed to maintain its popularity as a shooter style game, is now reaching new horizons with its mobile version.

It is basically the same as what you will find on a computer, only in this case you don't require a large computer with high requirements. You just need a mobile phone mid-range onwards to be able to run the game.

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3. The Frostrune

It is one of the few playstore games It has very well developed in regards to reflecting Nordic culture. You will think that it is a boring game because of the name or the theme.

But the reality is that it is quite fun and full of adventure. The central idea of ​​the game is to explore an abandoned island where there seems to be too many mysteries. It is simple but effective at the time of captivate new players.

4. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Did you get to play the famous Skyrim franchise? You will surely love this delivery for a long time. There is not much to talk about or highlight about this great Play Store game. You just have to know that dungeon exploration as well as third person battles are possible with this game.

5. Vainglory

Finally, we make a recommendation that we are sure you will not regret taking into account. In this case, we offer you one of the best games on the Play Store which is free and is a multiplatform MOBA game.

To be able to play it, you will have to have good fighting skills, have the ability to make good strategies and understand the mechanics of the game. The rest is a game that will captivate you and will make you want to play it at any time.