Best Midfielders by Price in EA Sports FC 24

Choosing the right players for your team in EA Sports FC 24 can make the difference between victory and defeat. Today we focus on a critical category: the midfielders. We evaluate the best players in this position based on their performance and value for money. For a broader understanding of how to maximize your team, check out our EA Sports FC 24 Complete Guide.

1. Geyoro from PSG

This French player is compared to Kanté but with more agility and ball control. He stands out for his balance between good control and defensive skills, such as anticipation and steals.

2. Sandro Tonali

With three with bad legs and four with filigree, Tonali balances speed, agility and ball control. Although his passing is not as outstanding as Goro's, he has more balanced stats.

3. Leon Goretzka

A classic in Ultimate Team. He possesses impressive strength and aerial game, although his agility can be a weak point. With a price of 160,000 coins, it is a great value option.

4. Essien

A defensive midfielder with outstanding skills in interceptions and steals. His versatility allows him to play in different positions, being particularly strong in defense.

5. Frenkie De Jong

For only 18,000 coins, De Jong is a steal. His ability to control the pace of the game and his excellent vision make him a valuable addition to any team.

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6. Kevin DeBruyne

Although his pace may be a weak point, his vision and crossing skills are exceptional. At a price of 60,000 coins, is an effective playmaker.

7. Modric

With a Road to the Knockouts card 92, Modric combines agility, balance and ball control. Although its price 400,000 coins He may be tall, his abilities justify it.

8. Marcos Llorente

A versatile player and a safe option for those on a limited budget. Your normal version of 84 It is effective and economical, costing only 4,000 coins.

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9. Crystal Dunn

An excellent option in the mid-range. Although she is short, her skills in agility and balance make up for her height.

10. Jude Bellingham

With multiple versions of their card available, Bellingham is a solid option for 40,000 coins. His ball control and ability to resolve offensive situations stand him out.

11. Faith of Valverde

With a cost close to 300,000 coins, Valverde is a fast and versatile attacking midfielder, ideal for those willing to invest in quality.

12. Aitana Bonmatí and Marchisio

Both players offer exceptional performance on the field, with dribbling and passing skills that place them among the best midfielders in the game. Although their prices are high, their performance in the game justifies the investment.

EA Sports FC 24 offers a wide range of midfielder options to suit all budgets. From economical options like frenkie dejong y Marcos Llorente to high value investments such as Modric y Valverde, there is a player for every strategy and playing style. The key is to find those players who not only fit your budget, but also complement your tactics and style on the virtual field.

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