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«Money is never enough«. Who knows how many times you have heard this prayer, or how many times you have said it yourself! Well, you have to admit that these days, with all the expenses you have to deal with, it is not easy to manage your money at the best of times, and by not paying proper attention to your savings, you may risk being "broke" in the future. less time. do not say

For this reason, you have decided to pay more attention to your finances and how you manage your money, both when you shop in stores and when you go on vacation, reserve a table at the restaurant or refuel for your car. However, it is not always easy to control your expenses and manage your savings to the maximum. But rest assured, technology can meet you even in such a situation. Wondering how? Simple, thanks to some application to save that can be downloaded for free on devices Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile.

In the next few paragraphs, I will show you numerous apps that are easy to use and really save you on everyday expenses. Can't wait to use them? Perfect then we won't waste any more precious time and go straight to the highlights of this article. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to test the apps listed below with me, and at the end of the reading, pick the ones that you think will work best for you. I wish you a good read and, above all, good savings!

Application to save on expenses

Every time you go shopping, are you afraid of spending more than you should? Would you like to find convenient discounts and offers that save you a little money on expenses? In that case, take a look at the following application to save on purchases.

DoveConvenient (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile)

One of the first apps that I suggest you try is Dove, a free solution that not only allows you to browse the brochures of the main large retail chains in Italy, but also allows you to receive notifications that warn the user about the availability of promotions and offers from their favorite stores.

After downloading DoveConven in your Android device, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile, start the app, press the red button Enable position to allow you to display the shops and offers in your neighborhood, and on the next screen, log in to the service by registering through your address Email or your account Facebook.

Once you are logged in, indicate your preferences by moving to EN the switch lever next to the voices electronics, Hyper and super, discount code, Home and body care. y DIY ; then press the red button Save to continue On the next screen you will see the flyers on the categories you indicated, thanks to which you can find numerous offers and promotions.

To navigate through one of the brochures you see on showcase Say DoveConvenience, press one of them and follow the short tutorial displayed on the screen to get the most out of the app. Oh, I almost forgot… DoveConviene is also available as an online service, which you can easily access from your PC's browser.

PromoQui (Android / iOS (Windows 10 Mobile)

PromoHere is another application that allows you to easily see the flyers of the offers coming from the large retail chains that operate in Italy. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile (as well as an online service), this free solution also lets you manage your shopping list, store clippings and flyer deals, and more.

After downloading PromoQui to your device, open the application, select, on your home screen, your favorite country (eg. Italy ) and browse the numerous flyers that appear on the home screen. If you want, you can also view the flyers by category by pressing the item categories and explore those that are among the categories you prefer.

After identifying the brochure you're most interested in, tap on it, navigate horizontally through the pages, and use the tools provided by the app (i.e. the ones below) to display the stores close, receive notifications about the offers made by the chain you're reading the flyer from, cut a part of the steering wheel that particularly interests you or save the flyer and watch it when you're offline.

By touching the tab employment offers (on the PromoQui home screen), you can also see some of the most interesting offers of the moment, while pressing the tab Loyalty cards You can save your loyalty cards by photographing them with the camera of your device.

Amazon (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile)

Amazon, the well-known e-commerce portal available online, can also be used on mobile devices by downloading the free application available for Android devices, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Thanks to the Amazon application, you can access a wide catalog of products of all kinds, compare the available prices and choose from numerous advantageous offers.

After downloading the Amazon app on your device, log into your account by pressing the yellow button Already a customer? to access Or, if you are not yet registered for the service, create a free account by pressing the button New client? Create an Amazon account. In case of problems or doubts, read the guide where I explain in detail how Amazon works.

Once you are logged in press the symbol ( ) located in the upper left and in the menu that appears on the left, tap the item Today's Deals to see the daily offers that Amazon offers. On the next screen, filter the results by tapping the button filter and selecting some parameters including i Prices and me desired discounts Or alternatively, perform a search by selecting a category from the dropdown menu View by category.

As soon as you have identified the item you want to buy, select the quantity you need using the appropriate menu, press the button Add to cart, touch the item Proceed to order And, on the summary screen, verify that the information related to your order is correct. Finally, proceed with the purchase by pressing the button Shop now.

Other apps to save on purchases

The applications that I suggested a moment ago do not completely satisfy you? Strange! They are among the best in the square. In any case, don't give up and take a look at the list below. Maybe you can find an app that suits you.

  • Groupon (Android / iOS): very famous service that allows you to save on the purchase of products, dinners, vacations and more thanks to a system of purchasing groups. For more details, check out my tutorial on how Groupon works.
  • electronic quote (Android / iOS): Thanks to this application, you can search more than 3 million computer products, household appliances, audio and video products, DIY, DIY products and much more. ePRICE is also available as an online service.
  • Find prices (Android / iOS): This application allows you to search through more than 13 million offers from more than 3.000 Italian stores and conveniently consult the brochures of the main large-scale retail chains operating in Italy. Even TrovaPrezzi is available as an online service.
  • eBay (Android / iOS): The application of the famous e-commerce platform (which I explained to you extensively in a dedicated tutorial) allows you to buy many products at reduced prices and sell your used items (thus obtaining something), as well as to access online auctions and unmissable offers.
  • Easy Flyer (Android / iOS): The objective of this application, also available as an online service, is to facilitate the consultation of advertising brochures and related offers. VolantinoFacile not only allows you to do this, but also search for nearby stores and receive alerts when new offers are available.
  • Tiendeo (Android / iOS) - This is another app for displaying brochures from major retail chains. Discover the location of nearby stores, create a favorites list and receive notifications about new offers available. It is also available from a browser as an online service.
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Application to save money on vacation and in the restaurant

to wish Save some money on vacation, during the travel or restaurant ? The apps you find listed on the following lines will help you do that. Some of them allow you to find flights and hotels at advantageous prices; Others, however, allow you to find the best restaurants in your neighborhood.

Reservations (Android / iOS)

One of the best free solutions to save when booking a hotel is reserve, the mobile version of the famous web portal dedicated to the organization of travel, also available in the form of applications for Android and iOS devices. The official booking application allows you to view offers from the accommodation facilities; while the website also allows you to search for restaurant deals, flights and car rentals. To use the aforementioned features of the online version of Booking, visit their website and read the guide in which I explain in detail how to use this online service.

After downloading the Booking application on your mobile phone or tablet, start the application and create your free account (actually, it would be possible to use the application even without creating an account, but in this case access to offers reserved for registered users). Then touch the symbol (), press the voice Login or create an account located in the menu that appears on the left side and, on the next screen, create your reservation account by registering with your address Email or logging in with your account google o Facebook.

After logging in, enter your destination en search bar located at the top, enter the dates of register and Express Departure, indicates the number of people who will be staying at the hotel, indicate if your trip is for business or not and touch the button Search to begin your search On the next screen, you can see the list of facilities Booking has found for you, many of which could offer considerable discounts.

If the search results are numerous, filter them by pressing the button filter and perform a specific search based on the price range you prefer, based on the number of stars the structure should have, etc. As soon as you have identified the right structure for you, click on it for more details on the services offered and if the reviews and comments provided by users are positive and you are interested in spending the night in the structure you are viewing, continue with the reservation.

TheFork (Android/iOS)

If you are looking for an app that can help you save money when you need to book a restaurant table, Fork It is an alternative that you should seriously consider. This free solution, which is actually the transposition of the online service of the same name (I told you in the tutorial dedicated to how TheFork works, remember?), Is available as an application for Android and iOS devices and allows you to book between Thousands of restaurants scattered throughout Italy and Europe, many of which offer up to 50% cash discount.

Thanks to TheFork, it is also possible to accumulate YUMS (a kind of "loyalty points") that allow you to receive various discounts and benefits. At the time of write, with each reservation you earn 100 YUMS, and by accumulating 1000 or 2000 YUMS you can get 20 euros and 50 euros of loyalty discount coupon to use in restaurants that participate in the program. Not bad, right?

After completing the download of TheFork on your device, open the app, scroll through the information sheets shown to you at the beginning and touch the symbol arrow to continue Then register for the service by logging in through yours email or your account Facebook.

Using GPS, TheFork will search for the best nearby restaurants and indicate them on a summary screen. As you can see, some restaurants will be marked with some labels that indicate some discounts: when you book in one of these restaurants, you can get up to 50% discount on the total invoice amount, including drinks.

After identifying a restaurant that suits you, tap on it to see user reviews, see opening / closing times, see photos of dishes, location, etc. and if you want to continue with the real reservation, touch the green button Book a table. Then indicate the date andnow where you want to book, select the number of people for which to make the reservation, click on the item Complete reservation and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the operation.

Other apps to save on vacation and in the restaurant.

Below you will find other apps that could come in handy when booking a vacation, flight, trip or just a table in the restaurant. Take a look, maybe you will find the right app for you!

  • trivago (Android / iOS): The famous search engine, also available as an online service, allows you to find hotels and hotels by comparing the prices of more than 180 travel sites. Savings are insured: click here to read the guide where I explain better how it works.
  • TripAdvisor (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile): Even this famous online service is available as a mobile app and, comparing more than 200 booking sites, it allows you to book a hotel or any other facility at the lowest price available at any time. To learn more about using TripAdvisor, read this tutorial that I made specifically for you.
  • Skyscanner (Android / iOS): This app allows you to book flights, hotels and rental cars with just a few taps. Skyscanner is also available as an online service, as I mentioned in the article dedicated to best places for flights.
  • Momondo (Android / iOS) - This app, also available as an online service (I've mentioned it in the article on flight sites), compares deals from large, low-cost travel companies and returns the user to Best Possible Results for searching for hotels and flights.
  • FlixBus (Android / iOS) - This is an application that allows you to book very convenient bus trips. Covers more than 120,000 routes in Italy and the rest of Europe.
  • Driver (Android / iOS) - App that lets you book carpool with other users - a smart way to save on four-wheel travel.
  • trainline (Android / iOS): An application that allows you to save on train travel by booking tickets at the best possible price.
  • Uber (Android / iOS): I don't think you need too many presentations. This is the application that allows you to travel through the main alternative to the taxis currently available on the market. Travel prices are usually very convenient, but the service is not yet active in all cities in Italy.
  • Airbnb (Android / iOS): Another famous service that allows you to book private accommodation for one or more days around the world. I told you more about this in my tutorial on how Airbnb works.
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Fuel saving app

la fuel costs Are you "suffocating" and now you want to download some apps that can help you find the cheapest gas suppliers in your neighborhood? Take a look at the following apps, they could be very helpful.

Gas prices: GPL and methane (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile)

LPG and CNG oil prices Many users consider it the best application to find distributors that, at a given moment, offer advantageous prices and various discounts. LPG and CNG gasoline prices are available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

After downloading the prices of LPG and CNG gasoline on your device, open the application and, on your home screen, select the fuel you need to refuel with your car by touching one of the available options: Diesel, Diesel Special, gasoline, Special gasoline, LPG o methane.

To find out which service stations offer the most economic benefits, press the symbol (≡ ) and in the menu that opens laterally tap the item cheap. By doing so, you can see in ascending order which dealers can save on fuel at any given time.

It should be noted that the prices indicated in the application may not reflect those indicated in the service stations, since Petrol Prices takes a few minutes to update the data in its database. In principle, however, the application is quite reliable and accurate.

Other fuel saving applications.

In addition to gasoline prices, there are also other apps that let you see the cheapest gas stations - here are a few.

  • Fuel flash (Android) - This app allows you to find the cheapest dealers in your neighborhood. Thanks to Fuel Flesh it is possible to see the prices in real time (or almost) of more than 50,000 distributors spread throughout Italy, as well as in France, Germany, Spain and Austria.
  • Cheaper fuel (Android): Thanks to this application, you can easily search for service stations that offer, at any given time, quite advantageous and cheap prices. One of the most interesting features of Fuel cheap is the ability to save favorite gas stations and monitor price trends over time.
  • Gasoline price comparator (Android / iOS): This handy fuel price comparator allows you to find in just a few taps the cheapest distributors of special gasoline, diesel, special diesel fuel, LPG and CNG.

Application to manage savings

Establishing a budget is the best way to identify unnecessary spending and avoid wasting money. the application to manage your savings they will help you do that.

Satispay (Android / iOS)

Among the applications to manage the savings you can consider, there are Satispay, available for free for Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch). The latter, in addition to allowing payments in physical stores and online, exchanging money with friends, making telephone recharges and paying bills, through the function savings It also allows you to create a digital piggy bank in which to add your money, according to the methods that interest you.

Download Satispay and register with the code to obtain a registration bonus of € 5:
Download Satispay for Android Download Satispay for iOS

After downloading Satispay from your device's store, launch the app and press the button Start now to create your account Then enter your phone number and email address in the fields Telephone y Email address and you touch the button siguiente to receive a Verification code 6 digits via SMS to insert in the appropriate field, useful to verify your identity. Then, create a PIN code that you must enter every time you want to access the Satispay application by entering it in the fields Choose your PIN y Confirm your PIN.

Now touch the button Email open To access your email inbox, locate the email sent by Satispay, copy the Verification code content in it and open the Satispay app again, then paste the copied code only into the appropriate field to verify your email address.

Enter the promotional code in the field visible on the screen Código promotional to receive a € 5 bonus, tap the button siguiente and, in the new screen that appears, enter the IBAN code from your checking account (by clicking on the c you can automatically insert it by framing it with the camera of your device).

In the section Personal information, fill in the registration form with your personal and residence details, then on the screen Identification document, select one of the available options of Italian identity document, Italian driver's license y passport and you touch the button Take photos to upload the selected document by photographing it with your mobile phone. Finally, click on the button. to access to complete the registration. A notification will notify you when the validation of your data is complete, a process that may take a few days.

Now to use Satispay, you need to set the weekly spending threshold by pressing the options profile, Set the budget y edit. Therefore, indicate the amount that you want to have weekly in the Satispay application ( 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250 y 300 euros ) and tap the Continue and confirmation.

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The selected amount will be transferred from your bank account to your Satispay account: it will be useful to know that the first recharge of the weekly budget requires at least two working days from the moment you establish the budget. Thereafter, every Sunday night after 11.59:5 PM, a check is made to verify the availability of your Satispay account. In the event that the available budget is less than the established weekly budget (of at least XNUMX euros), an automatic recharge will be carried out so that the available funds return to the established budget level. The recharge will be credited the following Tuesday. If, on the other hand, the budget of your Satispay account is greater than the weekly budget, the excess amount will be credited to your checking account. This can happen, for example, if your contact sent you money through Satispay.

To create your first digital piggy bank, tap the option Mobility Services present in the menu at the bottom and, in the new screen that is displayed, choose the item savings. Then press the buttons Create piggy bank y siguiente and choose the saving mode you prefer (you can also configure more than one mode).

  • pence : accumulate the remains of expenses made with Satispay;
  • Cashback : to accumulate the refunds obtained in the piggy bank;
  • Newspaper : allows you to choose a number and a frequency (daily, weekly and monthly) to accumulate your savings in the piggy bank.

Also, in the section Other Information, you can name the piggy bank by entering it in the field name, while pressing the item target You can set the amount you would like to accumulate in the piggy bank. Once the customization is complete, tap the button siguiente and ready

It will be helpful to know that you can create more than one piggy bank and that you can deposit any money into it at any time. To do this, select the elements Mobility Services y savingsyou touch money box of your interest and choose the option deposit. Then indicate the amount you want to deposit and press the button deposit.

If, instead, your intention is to withdraw your savings from the piggy bank, press the latter, choose the option backing out, write the digit of your interest and confirm your intention by pressing the button backing out. The amount will be deposited in your Satispay availability. When the budget is checked on Sunday night (after 11.59 pm) if the Satispay availability is higher than the weekly budget, it will be credited to your checking account.

Money manager (Android / iOS)

Money manager is an excellent application to better manage your savings and financial resources. This semi-free solution, available for Android and iOS, allows you to maintain accounts using the double entry technique by registering income and displaying, automatically, the outputs corresponding to the registered costs. I define a semi-free Money Manager application because to manage more than 10 accounts you need to make purchases in the application from 0,72 euros for each item.

After downloading Money Manager on your mobile phone or tablet, launch the application, tap on the symbol capacitor positive (+) lead and record the expenses by pressing on the card spending. Then touch the item account and indicates the payment method used to pay the expenses incurred. Then press the item category and indicates the "cause" of your spending, specifying whether this refers to foodel funlo personal developmentel familyel healthAnd so on. Then press the item amount to indicate the amount of expenses incurred, touch the item notes to write an entry about the expense and press the button Save to save the data you entered previously.

To register the receipts, press the card greed and repeat the steps I told you earlier to record expenses: then tap the item account to indicate the method by which your salary or pension was credited, press the item category to indicate the nature of the profit and, finally, the prizes of the article amount to specify the amount of your entry. Don't forget to save all the data you just entered by tapping the button Save.

Once you have completed entering your data, go to the Money Manager home screen to see a kind of summary of your finances. You can view this summary by choosing between various display modes: diario, to see a daily summary of your finances; program , to visualize expenses and income over time; weekly to see a weekly summary of your finances; monthly, to see the expenses and income throughout the months or total, to see total income and expenses.

Other applications to manage savings

If Money Manager has not satisfied you, try these other applications to manage your savings. These are equally valid solutions that, most likely, they will do just for you.

  • Monefy (Android / iOS): If you are looking for an application that is easy to use, Monefy could be the best solution for you. Its attractive graphics and its "clean" and "minimal" interface make it perfect for those who want the immediacy of applications of this type. Additionally, Monefy allows you to password protect your data, sync via Dropbox and much more. However, some of these features (such as the one that allows you to protect your data with a password) are only accessible to those who buy the Pro version of Monefy, which costs 2.50 euros on Android and 3.49 euros on iOS.
  • Wallet - Budget control (Android): this application allows you to synchronize your data with your bank (there are already thousands of banks in the world that are enabled to do so) in order to monitor each expense or income, plan a budget, prepare reports and graphs that show the trend of your finances and much more. To access all Wallet functions (data export in CSV / XLS / PDF, debt management, security PIN, recurring orders, notifications, etc.) it is necessary to make in-app purchases from 0,59 euros per item
  • iShopping (iOS): this application offers the possibility of managing your expenses in a very easy and fast way; thanks to its well-built interface with no "frills". iSpesa lets you keep track of your income and expenses, prepare accurate reports that highlight your financial situation, and much more. Some iSpesa features, such as the ability to add recurring transitions and the removal of advertisements, are only available when purchasing the Pro version of the app, which costs 3.49 euros.

Article produced in collaboration with Satispay