Apple says goodbye to the HomePod to focus on the HomePod Mini

Having been on the market for some time and with very modest sales, the iPod HiFi was thrown out of the Aple catalog practically out the back door. However, we can say that things have varied a lot from those days of the iPod HiFi to today, and that is remarkable when we compare it with the iPod. HomePod.

There are two matching elements between both devices the HomePod and the iPod Hi-Fi: its great sound quality and its price. That Apple inflates prices is something we all know. Of course as a consumer it would be nice to be able to buy your products for a lower price than today.

It was put on sale on February 9 of the year 2018, and immediately when knowing that only the materials used for its elaboration already accounted for more or less two thirds of the price of this device. Not counting its assembly, distribution, and many etceteras.

And if to this we must add that its manufacture is solid and reliable, however, in the event of any inconvenience, its repair is difficult enough for most. This being the case, with so many cons, a fairly high price has been added, which has meant that in the end the HomePod continue the same way as iPod HiFi.

Appearance of the HomePod Mini

Just a few months ago, at Apple's keynote, in which the iPhone 12, by surprise we got the same with him HomePod Mini, a version of its speaker that, as has been said at the time, finally introduced Apple to the market for its smart speakers.

We are not talking about a budget speaker if we make the comparison with those of the competition, however, the 99 euros which is the cost lower than the 329 that we can pay if we want to get the top of the range.

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We understand that for the Apple company to have resolved to make an effort regarding the speakers (and we must remember that sound is one of the business areas that this company has paid a lot of attention for a long time) in its cheaper version of the speaker, sending to its HomePod original to the rubble boat in the same one that today are many products of the past.

At the time, perhaps spellbound by the spell of the iPodWe were one of the few who bought an iPod HiFi (we also bought the adapter for the TV and the iPod video) even knowing that this price was excessive.

But, with the HomePod no, that story was not repeated, surely the same would happen to others. That is, someone who spent a lot of money to buy that has not wanted to buy this.

So, we can express without fear that it seems to us a true success that Apple decided to take the HomePod original and keep the Mini, which may have a much better commercial tour than that.

I hope I have been able to help you with the information I have provided in this article.

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