Why am I having trouble deleting my account on Tinder?

Why am I having trouble deleting my account on Tinder? If you find yourself wanting to delete your account on Tinder, either because you no longer want to use the application or you want to open a new account, but you have trouble doing so. You are probably trying the wrong way.

That is why, here you will see one by one the steps to delete your account, either in the app or on the Tinder website:

Steps to delete my account on Tinder

To delete your account, We invite you to follow the following instructions:

  1. From wherever you access, in the application or on the Tinder page (Tinder.com), start your session.
  2. Go to your profile icon and access there
  3. Then it is to look for the option of "Settings", and enter there
  4. Then, in the options that are presented, go down, you will see the option to "Delete account", access there
  5. Then follow the prompts and you're done.

Now if you've already done this, but not working there are likely technical problems with Tinder. Or that your internet is not very stable, so the request you want to make will be rejected: delete your account.

Do I have technical problems deleting my account on Tinder?

It turns out that you've done all the steps we've specified above, but you're still having trouble getting your account deletion to be effective. What you see is an error message when you try to delete your account, as we have already said, make sure your internet connection is optimal and there are no interruptions to successfully delete your account.

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Some Tips

If your internet connection is fine, then Tinder is having a problem. By now, the support team should know about your situation, it is best to try again later. Go for a coffee or take a walk for other applications, wait and be patient, try again. If the problem persists; contact Tinder support.

In these cases, it is advisable to wait a little, it is possible that there is a failure in your application, if you wish, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Please log in and try the steps above again.

I can not access my account

Very well, if what happens is that you cannot access your account to later delete it, keep a few things in mind. But before that; The Tinder team handles articles where these types of problems occur with their respective solutions, so you can access for more information. However, here we also plan to help you.

  • Check your internet connection, that your internet is stable is necessary so that there are no interruptions when entering your profile
  • Problems with the application: maybe installing it again will give you favorable results.
  • Make sure that the data to access is the correct data.

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