What to do when you do not receive the WhatsApp verification code

What to do when you do not receive the verification code from Whatsapp The verification code is one of the main steps to create your WhatsApp account. So if you don't get it, we tell you what to do.

To use WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you must confirm that the phone number you entered is really yours. To do this, the messenger sends a verification code by SMS or call (voice recording) which must then be entered in the application to validate the account. However, users often complain about not receiving this code. See below what to do when this happens.

Note: This code is auto-generated, temporary, and single-use only. It does not match a personal password nor can the code received by another person.

What to do when you do not receive the WhatsApp verification code

The first step is to verify that you have entered your phone number correctly. The number provided must be in international format, i.e. code of the country + DDD + phone number.

Remember that to receive the code you must have an active chip to receive SMS or calls and be in the coverage area of ​​your operator. No signal, blocked line, or disabled chip will prevent reception. If you use a prepaid card phone, make sure that your provider does not charge you fees for receiving calls or messages. If these services are charged and you are not accredited, you will not receive the code.

If any of the problems mentioned by yours are solved before requesting the code again. Otherwise, WhatsApp will not be able to send it to you.

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How to request a new verification code

The verification code is temporary and valid for one-time use only. Upon requesting it again, the messenger will automatically generate a new one. Remember that it is not a personal password, it is sent exclusively by SMS or call and will never be sent by email.

To request a new code, on a phone Samsung with Android, open WhatsApp by clicking on the application icon. On the screen to enter the sequence, click Wrong number?

Then it will return to the screen with the field to enter the mobile phone number. Select the country from the list by clicking the right arrow.

Now enter your phone number indicating your city code and click Forward. WhatsApp will ask you for permission to read your SMS to automatically verify the code. If you prefer, you can enter the code manually. Go to the SMS messages on your phone, copy the number sequence and paste it on the WhatsApp screen.

If the code does not arrive, wait until the call forwarding or SMS options are enabled. The app requires you to wait a while to make a new request.

This time, choose the call option. Answer the call and write down the code reported by the appropriate screen recording on WhatsApp.

Do not insist often. Entering an invalid code later may delay forwarding a new sequence. Wait the required time and then request it again.

Uninstall the app and restart the phone

If after following the steps above the problem persists, you can try the following: uninstall WhatsApp from your phone, power cycle the device and then reinstall the application from Google Play or Apple Store. Before requesting, ask a friend to send you an SMS to make sure your phone can receive messages.

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