Gran Turismo 8 is for 2025 and its success is almost assured

gran turismo

If you consider yourself a racing game fan, you are surely looking forward to the launch of Gran Turismo 8. A game of driving simulation, which has always been at the top of this category for its great virtues. However, even though it is still in development, today we are going to talk a little about what we could see in this new installment.

Gran Turismo is a video game saga created by Polyphony Digital, whose most recent installment was released in March 2022. For this reason, many people are licking their mustaches, waiting for a new installment that, as its creator already announced, is in development. Expectations with this new installment are very high, and knowing the history of the saga, surely the execution will be up to par.

Would it be good to have a new installment in the saga?

A new installment in the saga would be very interesting to watch, especially after the recent popularity that the series has gained, even in theaters. Furthermore, with today's technology, in addition to advances in console hardware, this installment would fit perfectly.

Furthermore, it should be noted that, Although Gran Turismo 7 is a graphic revolution, two years have already passed since its launch. Therefore, a new installment would mean an improvement in the game interface.

In the gameplay we could also see changes, although it is difficult to improve what we have, we could see some different details. And of course, it would be a very interesting delivery because we would have changes in the variety of vehicles and roads, something that we all always appreciate.

Definitely, a new title would be very well received by fans and would be a new success in the series.

gran turismo

What can we expect at the graphics level?

Imagine immersing yourself in a new digital world where every car you drive comes to life with stunning clarity, expect nothing less from Gran Turismo 8. The graphics of this successor will be a visual symphony, where realism and beauty mix.

The shine of the sun reflected on the hood of a racing beast, as well as the rendered texture of the immense amount of roads that the saga always offers us. It will be a visual spectacle. Each element will be designed to captivate your senses.

Will there be new vehicles?

The truth is, with the popularity that the saga has been gaining in recent times, this section will be a delight. Especially after launching his own movie, we can say that the section of vehicles that the company will be able to acquire will be extremely extensive.

We can expect the inclusion of a variety of new car models that reflect current trends in the automotive industry.

Electric and hybrid cars

After seeing the growing trend of electric cars in the world of cars, we will surely see the inclusion of numerous models with these characteristics in the game. For example: the Tesla Model S Plaid, the Porsche Taycan or Toyota Prius.

New generation hypercars


Every day more companies invest in the manufacturing of hypercar next generation. And we have already seen some videos of how these could be integrated into the world of virtual racing.

Gran Turismo 8 could be one of the first games to add these beasts to its catalog. For example, we could see the Rimac C_Two or the Lotus Evija, models that could add exclusivity to the list of cars.

Updated racing cars

Just as technology advances every day, so does it in the world of racing cars. And Yamauchi is not going to let this go, so we could see the inclusion of the new models that exist on the market right now. Like, for example, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 or the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

Exclusive supercars

Supercars are cars that never go out of style, and Every year models continue to come out that leave everyone speechless. In this game, we could see some of these, such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie or Bugatti Centodieci. These models would add a touch of luxury to the Gran Turismo 8 catalog.

Clues that we could find in Gran Turismo 8


These types of games are not only made of cars, there is an important part of this category, and they are the circuits that we could find. Therefore, seeing the latest updates of Gran Turismo 7, we can say that, in the new installment, probably They will not be cut when adding tracks.

Classic circuits

It is already part of the tradition of the series to see the presence of classic circuits that have gained popularity in other games in the series. We could see some of these here, such as the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in Belgium or the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

Urban circuits

Circuits in cities and urban regions are as important as professional tracks in driving games. These offer us a unique driving experience, with its narrow streets and sharp curves in its districts. This is why clues could arrive on the streets of cities like New York, Tokyo or Paris.

Rural or forest routes

There are quite a few of us who enjoy relaxing landscapes while driving our luxurious vehicles...of course, virtually. In Gran Turismo 8, we could see new scenic routes through natural settings and picturesque landscapes. These routes offer us a relaxing and visually impressive experience.

Fictitious circuits

Gran Turismo

Also a special feature of the series, the inclusion of Circuits created by the developers, offering drivers new challenges. These are never lacking in the games of the saga, and this time will be no exception. We will be able to see the introduction of new circuits loaded with technical curves, uneven ground and unique landscapes.

Although these are just examples of some possible additions of tracks and roads, there will surely be many more that we will have in this installment. The saga has always stood out for offering us a wide variety of environments and challenges to conquer.

Do we already have a release date for the game?

Many people are looking right now for the exact release date of the new Gran Turismo. The truth is that there are many speculations about this title. Although rumors are circulating more and more on the Internet, it is still We do not have an exact day on the calendar, since the developers remain silent.

There are sources that claim that it could arrive in the coming months, and others say that could appear in 2025. The truth is that uncertainty continues about this title, but still many players wake up every day waiting for the news.

Even the producer and creator of the saga himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, revealed to Game Watch some time ago that the next installment was beginning to take its first steps. If we consider the great success that Gran Turismo 7 represented, it is logical to think that the new installment is advancing by leaps and bounds.

And that was it, let me know in the comments, what would you think of a new installment in this series.

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